Refill Set]
System Notebook
Mini 6-hole
Notebook Monthly Monthly, Weekly, Weekly, Memo: Universal Calendar: Rabbit, Little Bird, Squirrel


System notebook A cute schedule book and a matching "refill"

"Refill" with the same design as the cover of the notebook.
Cute rabbits, birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs are animals of the Ekuriyu forest.
★ This is the sales page for "Set of only the contents of the notebook".

All types of sets are 1 set

59 sheets in total

The following contents are a set.
Two types (two colors) are included in half.

"Mini 6 holes" size

  • "Monthly monthly calendar"
    : 14 months + 15 covers in total
  • "Weekly Weekly Calendar"
    : 34 sheets in total for 15 months
  • "Notepad"
    :10 sheets

    Beautiful printing is done on both sides.
    It's not a printer print, it's a beautiful print.
    The paper is slightly thicker than copy paper and is less likely to show through.

    Since it is a fill-in type that can be used for a long time
    You can start anytime.

    All are full-color printing on both sides.
    There are two colors for each.

    The size is "mini 6 holes"

    The "mini 6 hole" is a small size notebook refill that is easy to carry in a bag.

      The following is the details of each content.

      Monthly monthly calendar (with cover)

      ★ The "Cover" is attached to the "Monthly Monthly Calendar".

      Monthly schedule A calendar that allows you to record your schedule.
      I hope you can make it a fun habit to write the date every month.

      There are two colors, brown and pink.
      Both are cute, but the colors are soothing and stylish.

      You can also use stickers with matching designs cutely,
      Please join us with the stamp.

      Weekly calendar

      You can write a weekly schedule.
      As with the monthly calendar, there are two colors, brown and pink.

      Please use the matching "seals and stamps" together.


      The atmosphere of the memo pad is a little different from that of the calendar.
      I designed it so that it would be fun just to look at it.
      There are two colors.

      Light blue is a type without ruled lines.
      Feel free to write your favorite words and illustrations, or put a large sticker on it.

      Pink is a calm color with ruled lines.
      For annual goals, birthday lists and memos.

      You can also use the matching design "seal" cutely,
      Please join us with the "stamp".

      Matching "system notebook" and "seal stamp"

      → [Click here for a list of notebook accessories and stationery]

      → [Click here for a list of stamps]

      Share your use

      Please share your usage.
      → For the sharing method, see the "Customer Voice Page"

      W: 80 mm H: 128 mm



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      Customer reviews

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      It's very cute, and the paper quality is solid, making it a very good refill for me who uses fountain pens.
      Thank you♪

      Thank you.
      The paper is just the right amount of firmness, so it doesn't show on the back and is easy to write on, so it's great for fountain pens too!
      Please make full use of it.
      Also, thank you for the matching items.
      Thank you.

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