Keep on smiling

Always with a smile

We bring you items that will make you smile and
enjoy every day, no matter what time of the

ecru forest エクリュの森 Keep on smiling スタンプ 手帳小物 スケジュール管理

Fun schedule management

Items that allow you to happily
"manage your schedule " every day,

including stamps, notebook accessories, cute sundries, and

cute animals,

please enjoy spending time with rabbits, birds, squirrels, hedgehogs, and

other animals that live in the ecru forest.
ecru forest handmade&starionery えくりゅの森 スタンプ 手帳小物 スケジュール管理
Stamps are
cute and can be enjoyed again and again even if you are not good at drawing.

Please decorate your
notebooks, sticky notes, memos, etc. with various ink colors in a

cute way.
ecru forest エクリュの森 スタンプ 手帳小物 スケジュール管理

In addition to
writing appointments and to do lists, you can also keep a schedule by

simply writing down what you've done each day.
You can feel the sense of accomplishment.

We hope
that even those who are unfamiliar with the art of the Bullet Journal and
organizer will

enjoy using it
The Ekuryu forest, rabbits, birds, etc.
Cute items with animal motifs
Also, items with floral motifs
I would like to plan to do so in the future.

We would like to bring
Japanese cuteness to people overseas.

We would also like to deliver our products to overseas customers, so we are
planning to offer stamps, cute items, and other

cute Japanese-style goods in the future

Owner Profile

Store Owner
Web Designer

Toshiko Kouda

I used to be a web designer, but

decided to
start an online store to

design and sell originally designed items


This "Ekuryu no Mori-  ecru forest"
was newly opened on February 17, 2022.

would like to plan and deliver items for daily use and for snuggling.

I am also the owner of Ecru's sister store,

"Ecru Handmade Sundries  ecru"

(*There will be no actual store, only an online store.
We do not have a store at any real events.)

I am from Kobe, Japan, and studied in the
art department when I was a student.
I sometimes use an iPad now, and
some of the pictures on our products are drawn on my iPad.


am running this shop because I want to plan and deliver original items that I am particular about, not items that can be found anywhere else.

I am also a web designer.

also design online stores and websites
, plan and build
websites, and give management support lessons.

I also do a variety of other things, but I
basically work on the Internet.

The products are

laid out and designed for products based on my
designs, who is
a graphic designer.

(My sister is a graphic designer of LINE stamps, logos, etc.) I
live in France, so I use

French as a design motif.

We are

happy if our cute items
make you smile and enjoy making your

favorites every day.

ecru forest How to enjoy our products

About Wholesale

If you wish to sell wholesale,
please feel free to contact us from "About Wholesale".



↓ This is a movie I made before.
The name of the store is the old name.


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