Three-fold frill with sewing machine embroidery [system notebook mini 6 holes]
With schedule book and refill mini grid notebook
Handmade ★Machine embroidery★Rabbit, small bird, squirrel, hedgehog


Mini 6-hole size notebook: Cute natural animal patterns such as rabbits and hedgehogs are machine embroidered.
Matching refills and straps are optional. The refill is also a double-sided full-color fountain pen. With mini squared notebook

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System notebook that combines cuteness and convenience

Even if you are busy every day, a cute notebook will make you feel better!
The matching refills have all been redesigned to match.

The design is "tri-fold type"

"Tri-fold" type with cute "frills" The design was carefully decided The ruffles are cute because they are tri-folded. A lot of trouble with this specification. A cute notebook will make you feel better!
The cute "frilled rubber band" keeps it neat and secure. Easy to carry in your bag.

Unlike the A6 notebook cover, the system notebook has a hard core on the cover. The metal fittings of the ring are larger than before and can hold a lot of refills. The system notebook has a pen holder inside the frill.

The size is "mini 6 holes"

"Mini 6-hole" is a small size notebook that is easy to carry in a bag. The ring has a standard size of 6 mini holes and can be replaced with a refill.

★Currently comes with 1 mini grid notebook

The design of the popular "Hana Matsuri series" stamps is also included in the notebook. A cute scene of rabbits holding balloons, matching the stamp storage cans. A small bird, a squirrel, a hedgehog Natural and gentle illustrations of the animals of the Ekuryu forest.

Rabbits with sewing machine embroidery

Finally, I decided to embroider the design of the stamp. I've been doing machine embroidery at another shop for several years, but this time I introduced professional embroidery data creation software to achieve a more advanced embroidery with a hand-embroidered touch. The embroidery data is created from scratch, and the coat of hair and fine details are repeatedly added to the shape. The fabric is a natural linen material.

Although it takes time to embroider with a sewing machine, I don't know how long I can continue, but for the time being, the trial price is for the first time. It's a tri-fold type and I put a lot of effort into decorating it, so I think I'm setting it at a better price than usual. In order to deliver it to as many people as possible for the first time, please cooperate with posting on Instagram.
Print version "system notebook"

As a substitute for daily records and notes

The appeal of the system notebook is that you can enjoy refills in various ways. for example··

  • For handmade production plans and records
  • For scheduling and recording Instagram posts
  • For recording diet, exercise and meal content

It would be nice to have fun with daily records

Matching refill

★Matching "refill set" is optional
If you use it together with the notebook, it is a little profitable

It's perfect for those who can't be as fancy as decorating a notebook. A cute refill just to fill in.

Paper that is slightly thicker than copy paper and is resistant to set-off . There are also multiple comments that it is easy to write with a fountain pen and does not transfer . Beautiful double-sided printing.

A total of 59 refills

The following contents are set. Memos are larger and more fulfilling than before!

  • "Monthly Monthly Calendar"
    : 14 months + front cover + back cover total 15 sheets
  • "Weekly Weekly Calendar"
    : Total 30 sheets for 13 months
  • "Notepad" 7 types (14 types with different colors and patterns on both sides) x 2 sheets each
    : Total 14 sheets

For details, see each detail page
→[A variety of notebook accessories and refills are here]

Use "Number/Symbol Stamps"

"Number/Symbol Stamp" Made by Shachihata <br>You can use the "Number/Symbol Stamp" in the number column of the refill. I've heard voices that I'm worried about the handwritten characters from before. It is beautiful to stamp both monthly and weekly calendars.

→ Click here for Number/Symbol Stamps

*Stamps can be connected, but they are stamped one by one like the schedule stamps.

"Mini notebook and sticker" inside

The "mini grid notebook" is perfect for the right inner pocket. Actually, the product planning for the mini grid notebook is here! What do you write in combination with your main notebook?

* Currently, the system notebook comes with a "mini grid notebook".

index and animal seal

Coordinated with notebooks and refills
"Index sticker" and "Transparent animal sticker"

The index seal is finally realized this time. You can put it in any pocket inside the notebook.

"Index sticker/transparent animal sticker"
"Stickers and Miscellaneous Goods"

Cute straps and charms

The system notebook has a hole where a strap can be attached. Matching "Strap/Rabbit Charm"

Video introduction on Instagram

In addition to this, we also introduce refills, so please check them out.

Notebook covers and book covers

The matching system notebook is also popular and has been newly released. The refill is also cute and matching, so it is recommended for recording handmade items, Instagram posts, schedules, health management, meals, etc.

Matching "Seal/Stamp"

→[Click here for a list of notebook accessories and stationery]
→[ Click here for the list of stamps ]

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"

Notebook (when folded) W: 140 mm H: 170 mm (unfolded) W: 400 mm H: 170 mm Refill: W: 80 mm H: 128 mm
Notebook: linen, cotton, etc., refill: paper



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+ refill set:
+ mini grid notebook:
+ strap & rabbit charm:

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