[Mini 6 holes Hyokkori Animal Index]
A cute double-sided color notebook divider with stickers and animals peeking out from the top and side.
rabbit hedgehog squirrel small bird


A cute index for a mini 6-hole size notebook.
Peek at animals from above and from the side.
There are two main types of cute natural animal pattern designs such as rabbits and hedgehogs. Simple things that can be decorated, and
things with gorgeously printed illustrations .

Cute index with animals peeking out

The cover of the mini 6-hole size notebook and the matching animals from above.
The index peeking out from the side is an item that makes you look forward to opening your notebook.

It has a matching pattern with the notebook, so please enjoy it together.

★Available for immediate delivery

*Glitter processing is a very detailed process and often fails, but outlet products are also available as an option.

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die-cut index

This index is die-cut to match the design of the animals.
We create different cut data for each point .
Even though I use a cutting machine, each piece is made by hand, so it takes a lot of effort to finish it .

With animal stickers

Total of 8 indexes + 2 types of stickers
Both sides are colored. Made of sturdy and thick paper.

  • 4 indexes with animals peeking out from above
    (The background is a checkered pattern. The simple design makes the deco stand out.)
  • 4 indexes with animals peeking from the side
    (Design and print animals and forest scenes with images of spring, summer, fall, and winter. The colors and patterns are different on both sides.)
  • Transparent background animal sheet sticker x 1
    (67 stickers of various sizes)
  • Square stickers x 2
    (The animals are cutely designed)

★Other options
You can save money by choosing other types of stickers as an option.

Glitter processing is also available as an option.

The index (with a pattern) that shows animals peeking out from the side can be treated with glitter if you wish. (Processing is only on the surface, only 4 pieces with patterns)
Glitter processing
adds cuteness and increases durability.
I think that if it is processed, it will be less likely to get scratched.
*The pattern of glitter processing varies from time to time. Sometimes different patterns are mixed.
Only the front is processed, so you can enjoy the matte color on the back. The glitter has a shine depending on the angle and is very beautiful.

★Glitter processing
About outlet products

We prepare the glittering process before cutting, but there are many failures.
There is no problem when using it, so if you are okay with it, please select "Outlet: With glitter processing" as an option .
Currently, one of the four glitter-processed pieces is an outlet item. outlet
If an item is out of stock, it will be displayed as out of stock .

Items that do not have a sparkling finish on the edges of just a few millimeters.
Some prints may have uneven or wrinkled surfaces.
Some items may have some dirt or scratches.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

The index seen from the side
spring summer autumn winter forest design

The index that shows the tail and butt from the side has a cute and gorgeous design. This type can be used as is without any decorations.

It was designed with the image of the forest in spring, summer, fall and winter.
The color pattern is different on the front and back.

Of course, as an index,
You can harden it, put it in your notebook, look at the illustrations, and enjoy it like a picture book.

  • Spring: An index with rabbit ears peeking out from the side. With bluebells and lily of the valley, which are the image flowers of Ekuryu Forest. On the back side is a precious back view of Usagi!
  • Summer: An index where a small bird's tail peeks out.
    Bambi seems to be having a relaxing time. As a summer flower, the daisy flower included in the Flower Festival series is colored with the image of a sunflower. Lavender flowers are blooming beside the stream. I also changed the color on the back.
  • Autumn: An index showing a hedgehog's butt.
    In fact, a squirrel and a hedgehog are trying to get the floppy-eared rabbit's head. Autumn colors with the image of Osmanthus flowers. Autumn is deeper on the other side.
    With the image of autumn leaves.
  • Winter: An index where a rabbit's tail peeks out. for index
    The tail is bigger than usual!
    Two rabbits holding balloons. The background is light blue instead of green, giving it a slightly winter-like feel. The back side is a natural color.

The index seen from above
Enjoy deco

The index peeking out from above has a simple design, and you can decorate it to your liking using stickers, stamps, etc. Please also refer to the samples .

The background has a checkered pattern. Add some small patterns to create a design that is easy to decorate.

In the sample, almost all of the included ``sheet stickers of animals with a transparent background'' are used on the surfaces of the 4 indexes + decorated with stamps. The back side is decorated with stamps only.
Masu . You can also decorate the edges with masking tape.

Also used with index stickers

Along with this index, of course
"Seal index" can also be used in combination.

You can choose from the options

↓ Index stickers are also used

For more information, please see many images on the following pages.

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“Click here for index stickers and transparent animal stickers”

“Click here for two types of animal stickers”

Matching “system notebook” and “stickers/stamps” are also available.

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Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

W: 85 mm H: 135 mm (Slightly larger than normal refills because animals can peek above and below the mini 6-hole size)



Remarks here.

*The holes are made by hand. Due to the thickness of the paper, you may only be able to open one sheet at a time. The position of the hole may shift slightly. Please note that we believe that you can use it without any problems if you put it through the ring (please refrain from using it if you are nervous). remarks here remarks here remarks here

Seal contents:
Glitter processing:

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 袋から出した途端の第一声は「可愛い~」+ (顔もほころびました)。主張しすぎないキラキラが良い感じです。絵柄は全てスタンプ柄ですね。裏側は逆向きの絵柄。表と裏で少~しだけ配置違う部分が有り、何度も表裏ひっくり返しながら発見する楽しさも!!


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