pad [Tsukineko]
Stays on Midi
Ink that can be stamped on materials other than paper



For materials other than paper

An epoch-making almighty ink pad that can be used with any material such as metal, plastic, and leather.

When stamping on paper (schedule book, sticky notes, memos, etc.), → "Versa Magic Dew Drop" is sufficient, but
If you want to enjoy stamping on various materials other than paper, we recommend this "Stays On".


Plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay, laminated paper, coated paper, plain paper, photographs, glass, pottery, terracotta, transparency (transparent sheet), painted surface

Drying time

3 seconds (absorbent surface) to 5 minutes (non-absorbent surface) It depends on the material, climate and other conditions.

Quick-drying solvent-based dye-based ink

An epoch-making almighty ink pad that can be used for most materials such as materials that do not absorb ink.

  • Japanese paper, vellum paper, cloth, and unpainted wood will bleed a little.
  • Please be careful when using with slippery materials.
  • On the non-absorbent side, even if you make a mistake, you can remove it with the Stays on Cleaner.
  • After use, be sure to remove the ink from the stamp with Stays on Cleaner as soon as possible, and wipe it with water at the end.
  • When using a resin clear stamp, it may change in quality depending on the material, so it is recommended to test it in advance.
  • The inner lid is not included with Stays on Midi.
    (You can prevent it from drying out by tightening the outer lid).
  • Please thoroughly remove oil from the material before use.
  • On the non-absorbent surface, it may fall off when rubbed.

★ Please select your desired number for the color

Please choose the color as an option.

It is a color selected according to the image of our stamp.
Please use it together. The following colors.

[Tsukineko] Stays on Midi

Ink in a stylish square package.
Can be stacked and stored compactly.
A versatile ink that can be used for materials other than paper.

Tsukineko Stays on Midi Stamp Ink Ekuryu no Mori

  • # 51: Olive green
  • # 24: St. Valentine
  • # 45: Spiced Chai
  • # 12: Vibrant Violet
  • # 44: Ganache
  • # 63: Teal blue

* For tea, "Spiced Chai" is slightly brighter and "Ganache" is darker.







  • スタンプの商用利用は不可とさせていただいておりますが、詳しくは→商用利用についてをご確認下さい。


  • スタンプは、インクが乾くまえに水を含ませたティッシュで簡単に拭き取って下さい。
  • 印面ゴムの劣化や木の日焼けを防ぐため、直射日光と高温多湿を避けて保管下さい。
  • 木目の柄や色は個体差があります。ご了承下さい。
  • 木の側面には当店ロゴの焼印を押しております。手作業になりますので、色が濃い目の場合・薄めの場合や、時により柄の一部が焼印されないようなこともございますのでご了承下さい。

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