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System Notebook
Mini 6-hole
Notebook Monthly Monthly, Weekly, Weekly, Memo: Universal Calendar: Rabbit, Little Bird, Squirrel


System notebook Cute schedule book and matching "refill"

A "refill" with a design that matches the cover of the mini 6-hole size notebook.
Cute rabbits, small birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs are the animals of Ekuryu Forest.
★This is the sales page for the "Notebook contents only set."

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Set includes 1 set of all types

Total 51 pieces

The following contents are set.
Each half contains 2 types (2 colors).

"Mini 6 holes" size

  • "Monthly Calendar"
    : 14 months + cover total 15 sheets
  • "Weekly Weekly Calendar"
    :13 months total 30 sheets
  • "Notepad"
    :6 pieces

    Beautifully printed on both sides.
    It's not a printer print, it's a beautiful print finish.
    The paper is slightly thicker than copy paper and is less prone to set-off .

    ★We also received feedback from multiple users that the "fountain pen" is easy to write on without taking pictures.

    Since it is a fill-in type that can be used for a long time,
    You can start anytime.

    All printed in full color on both sides.
    There are two types of each color.

    The size is "mini 6 holes"

    ``Mini 6-hole'' is a notebook refill that is small in size and easy to carry in your bag.

      Below are the details of each content.

      Monthly monthly calendar (with cover)

      ★The "Cover" is attached to the "Monthly Calendar".

      A calendar where you can write your monthly schedule.
      I hope you will make writing the date every month a fun habit.

      There are two colors: brown and pink.
      Both are cute, but the colors are muted and stylish.

      The stickers with matching designs are also cute and can be used,
      Please also use the stamps.

      week weekly calendar

      You can write your weekly schedule.
      Like the monthly calendar, this one also comes in two colors: brown and pink.

      Please also use the matching stickers and stamps.


      Notepads have a slightly different atmosphere than calendars.
      We designed it in a way that makes it fun just to look at it.
      Available in 2 colors.

      The light blue type has no borders.
      Feel free to write your favorite words or illustrations, or even put a large sticker on it.

      Pink is a calm color and has ruled lines.
      For annual goals, birthday lists, and notes.

      The “stickers” with matching designs can also be used cutely,
      Please use the “stamps” as well.

      to the schedule checklist

      To do list stamp with natural and cute hedgehog illustration

      "To Do List" stamp is
      Write down things you need to do, schedules, goals, etc. and check them.

      It is also good to use it as a memo.

      Of course you can use it in your schedule book, but you can also feel free to stamp it on a sticky note or memo and post it where you can see it.

      This is an illustration stamp of a cute hedgehog, acorn, and leaves.
      We carefully designed the hand-drawn natural and gentle touch.

      It has a natural feel that is a little different from other schedule stamps.
      It is also recommended that you enjoy coloring these stamps.

      For managing your child's schedule

      Of course, it is useful for managing schedules at work and at home.
      We have heard that it is good for children as well.
      It can also be used by parents and children together to manage schedules for summer vacation, lessons, cram school, and study!

      Matching “system notebook” and “stickers/stamps” are also available.

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      Please share how you use it

      Please share how you use it.
      →For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

      W: 80 mm H: 128 mm



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review

      It's very cute, the paper is sturdy, and it's a great refill for me who uses fountain pens.
      Thank you very much♪

      thank you.
      The paper is reasonably sturdy, so it doesn't show up on the back and is easy to write on, so it's great for fountain pens!
      Please make full use of it.
      We also look forward to receiving matching items.
      thank you.

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