Flower Stamp Set of 3
Suzuran, Bluebell, Daisy
Ekurinomori Flower Festival Series
New Year's cards, Christmas cards
Stamps, notebook sticky notes, card making

$33.00 $37.00

Pick up flowers from the "Ekuryu Forest Flower Festival Series"

From the 2nd stamp of Ekuryu no Mori "Flower Festival Series"
A set of stamps featuring lily of the valley, bluebell, and daisy flowers.

Cheaper than a single item. About 10.5% OFF

※There is no box

It's an elegant flower, so I designed it so that it looks great even if it's just one.

First of all, please use it from here,
I think it would be nice to gradually collect other stamps.

flower festival series
This is a special series where you can fully enjoy the world of Ekuryu Forest.

A pleasant season when flowers bloom in the forest.
Animals are enjoying the gorgeous season.

"Bluebell" flowers
Stage of the Ekuryu Forest It grows in colonies in the forests of France.
With a flower motif that becomes the point of the story,
I really wanted to put it in a stamp, and I was able to do it this time.

set content

  • Lily of the valley
  • bluebell
  • daisy

*The image at the end of the image is a combination of stamps other than this set.

Regarding shipping

★ "New stamp" and "Sponge Dauber"
It is scheduled to be in stock by around 11/27, and will be shipped after that.

★It will take a few days to ship.
Because it is a new work, branding the logo on the stamp,
Please note that other preparations may take longer than usual.

*We do not have a large amount of boxes, ink and sponge daubers with stamps.
If you wish, we can secure the stamp, box, ink, and sponge dowber as soon as possible, so we can ship them together.

If you would like new or popular products such as "Sponge Dauber" or "White Ink", please contact us as soon as possible.
It is currently undecided when the product will be restocked if it is out of stock.

Thank you very much.

Instagram has several ways to make postcards.

Please follow, save and make it!

Ekuryu no Mori Official Instagram @ecruforest

Recommended for anyone who loves flowers

For those of you who just love flowers, I made a special set of 3 kinds of wonderful flowers from the "Ekuryu no Mori Flower Festival Series".

It is also very nice to stamp letters, postcards, and small message cards.
The flowers have a strong presence and look great as decorations for notebooks and notebooks.
Even a single flower is an impressive design.

A simple one-color stamp will create a stylish and antique atmosphere, and coloring with colored pencils and pens is also wonderful.
In the sample, I used " sponge dauber " and gave it a light and casual color.

Lily of the valley, bluebell, daisy flower stamp

"Suzuran" flower

Lily of the valley is a popular motif among flowers.
Even one wheel is cute, so it would be nice to add one to the card.
It's a stamp with a sense of size, so it has a strong presence even when combined with animals.

Lily of the valley is considered a flower that brings happiness, especially in Europe.
The language of flowers is "happiness comes again (the second coming of happiness)/purity". It seems to have the flower language of

Why don't you gently add a lily of the valley stamp to your message card?
French stamps are also a perfect motif.
"Merci beaucoup" Thank you very much and "Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur."
It's a perfect motif when you combine it so that a lot of happiness will come.

Lily of the valley is also the birth flower of May 1st, and that day is also known as Lily of the valley day.

"Bluebell" flower

Bluebells grow in colonies in the forests of France, the stage of the Ekuryu Forest. The image of flowers growing in clusters in the forest is a photograph of bluebells actually blooming in a forest in France.

The flower motif is the focal point of the story, and I really wanted to include it in the stamp, so I was able to make it happen this time.

Bluebell stamps have a larger size than other flowers.
I think it's bigger than what you see in the picture.
It's a large flower that will be a point even if you combine it with animals.
That's why it's a stamp that has a very strong presence and looks great even with a single wheel.

Bluebell's flower language is "Unchanging heart, Unchangeable, Anytime"
Birth flowers for February 6th and April 25th.

"Daisy" flower

Daisy flowers are called hinagiku hinagiku in Japan.
The stamps are small flowers, and it's cute to change the direction and stamp them side by side.
I tried various samples, so please refer to them.
I use it for one point of the scenery of the forest and,
It was also nice to combine with small flowers and cherries.

The language of flowers is "peace", "hope", etc.
It's also nice to add to a letter or card.
It is considered the birth flower of January 4 (white), January 27 (purple), February 15, and March 6.

Stamps that can be enjoyed in combination

If you can choose a combination together,
→ We also recommend "French stamps".
Combining letters with flowers makes it look stylish in no time.

In addition, cuteness is added when combined with rabbits and animals.

The "Mini Bouquet" stamp is also highly recommended for combination.

Cherries, love letters, baskets, flowers, etc. are introduced in various images so that you can enjoy combining them, so please enjoy various things.

The "Ekuryu no Mori Hanamatsuri Series" is more enjoyable if you use it together, so please choose it.

→ Click here for "Ekuryu no Mori Flower Festival Series"

The first stamp is also an even more fun series when combined together.

→ Click here for a list of all types of stamps

Ink pad cleaner together

There is also an "ink pad" in a color that matches the image of the stamp.
"Cleaner" is also an indispensable item for cleaning stamps.
Please join us.

→ Click here for a list of ink pads and cleaners

Coloring with sponge dauber

"Sponge Dauber" is also new arrival! recommendation
I also use sponge dauber for small cards.

As I used in the sample, it is perfect for coloring with a soft, gentle and casual atmosphere.

You can create a natural atmosphere that is not possible with colored pencils or pens, so please give it a try.

→ Click here for Sponge Dauber

Instagram also introduces how to make postcards.

Ekuryu no Mori Official Instagram @ecruforest

Please make "Chopsticks bag" and "Pochi bag".

Original designs for “Chopsticks bag” and “Pochi bag”.
Here, PDF data download materials are sold on a separate page.
Please join us.

→ Click here to download materials for "Chopsticks bag" and "Pochi bag"

Data with 6 colors for each item.
The material you download
"Stamp" to finish and make it by hand.

If you make it, please share it in a review or on Instagram!

"Chopstick bag" is of course suitable for New Year's celebrations,
Even in other seasons, I think it would be fun to use it for birthdays and commemorative meals.

I hope that you can enjoy using the "Pochi Envelope" as a New Year's gift envelope or at any other time.

The appeal of stamps and the commitment to design

★Even if you can't draw a picture, you can instantly get "cute" stamps!
And it is attractive that it can be used repeatedly

★Illustrated by my sister who is a graphic designer, and the shop owner who is a web designer is doing product planning and design.
Items carefully designed with a natural and gentle handwritten touch.

Details of stamps are on each page

Please check the details of each stamp on each page.

→ Click here for the stamp list page

Comes with a stamp cleaner

"Stamp cleaner" is also an indispensable item for cleaning stamps.
Please join us.

→ Click here for Stamp Cleaner

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"







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Customer Reviews

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stamp set

I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard that it would be commercialized.
I didn't expect to have so many stamps, but they are cute and I like them, so I chose a stamp set, 6 recommended ink options + 1 ink.

User picture

Thank you for your feedback!
Thank you very much for looking forward to it.
at last··! Thank you very much for your patience with the commercialization of.
I would be happy if you could enjoy various things.
I barely got 7 inks.
I think it's difficult to put it in like a puzzle ^^
Also, I would be happy if you could show me the stamps.

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