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cute animal keychain


Heart shape: 3 types of metal fittings

The animals of the Ekuryu Forest are now key chains and hook holders.
All are motifs that are also used as stamps and other goods.

"Ball chain" is
Also for personal organizers, bags and pouches.
Metal fittings that are easy to attach to your liking.

"Key chain" is
It's cute when attached to a bag or pouch.

"Hook holder" is
You can attach it to an optional "strap" and display it in your notebook.
It's also cute to attach to the zipper of clothes.

Handle and metal fittings are optional

You can choose the pattern from the following.
* Since each item is handmade one by one, the pattern will change from time to time.

  • Rabbits
  • squirrel
  • Hedgehog
  • Bird
  • ecru forest logo

You can choose the color from the following.

  • White
  • Brown

You can choose the metal fittings from the following.

  • Ball chain
  • Hook holder
  • Keychain (Heart Naskan)

Please use it with other items.

Share your use

Please share your usage.
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W: 25 mm, key ring H: 60 mm, hook holder H: 40 mm
Chain, brass, paper, polyurethane, etc.



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metal fittings or fixtures:

Customer reviews

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cute charm

I bought a white rabbit and a brown hedgehog. Attach it to your bag or key case. It's cute and I like it.

Thank you for your feedback!
The charm can be attached to various places and enjoyed.
I would be happy if you could pick it up at random and love it.
Thank you.

rabbit hook holder

I chose a hook holder for the heart key holder because I wanted to attach it to the zipper of my bag.
Now I put it on a rare embroidered matching bag.

User picture

thank you!
I was able to attach it to the matching embroidered bag ^ ^
Hook holders are great for attaching to bag zippers.
Key holders and ball chains can also be used as charms by swaying, so maybe that's possible? I can't.
Thank you for the lovely images.

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