Rabbit Charm]

Acrylic charm

with four-leaf clover for

system organizers, pouches, bags, etc.


Rabbit charm that can be displayed in your notebook

The rabbit of the Ekuryu forest has become an acrylic charm.
The rabbit is a rabbit motif that is also stamped.
It is made of acrylic and both sides are colored.
You can attach it to your favorite place with a ball chain.

It is cute when attached to a matching "system notebook" or "passport case".
You can also attach it to your pouch or bag.

Four-leaf clover charm included.

The four-leaf clover is also included in the motif of our logo.

Always with a smile.
Enjoy every day, no matter what time of day it is.
For items that make you smile.

The rabbit charm is an absolutely adorable item to have. We hope you will use it with us.

Please share with us how you make use of it!

Please share with us how you utilize it.
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W: 22 mm H: 50 mm
Acrylic, ball chain Printing method: UV inkjet printing



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A cute rabbit charm that can be used with various items. remarks here remarks here remarks here

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