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Date stamp flower festival series with a cute matching can for storing rotating date stamps + letter with postcard theme
Rabbit Bluebell Lily of the Valley Stamp Storage


Stamps can be stored cutely in the rotating date stamp storage + postcard included

A cute can handle design that is convenient for storing rotating date stamps and a matching image: two rabbits and bluebells and lily of the valley flowers in the forest.

*This does not include stamps.
“Date Rotation Stamp” is an option for a great deal.

★Comes with “can + postcard”

★“Two-color development” only for the first time
Single-color finishing requires only a small amount.

★This can has different specifications from the previous can.Please check the contents.

★"Can" stock is quite low and depending on the timing, it will arrive in the new year.

・Single color finish: 1 piece left: No restocks ・Multicolor finish: Out of stock We will ship after January 15th after restocking, but we will be accepting reservations as we only have a small amount in stock.

★Options and cart button are at the bottom ↓

design story

Ekuryu no Mori's second rotating date stamp is a stamp-like design storage can with a "letter" theme, which expands the world view based on the date stamp design.

Two rabbits are sitting side by side and talking under the starry sky at night.
Wrap fluffy ribbons around bluebells and lilies of the valley, which bloom in the forest.
Bluebell flowers are the image flower of Ekuryu Forest.
The cans are also colored to match the theme color navy of this date stamp.
With deep colors and a gorgeous and cute design.

This design was handwritten and colored by the shop owner himself on his iPad.

About shipping methods

It is possible with "Letter Pack Plus",
We cannot provide compensation or replacement if the can is dented.

In addition, 2 or more cans will be shipped by ``home delivery'' .

In the case of Letter Pack Plus,
We will package the product to be as dent-resistant as possible, but
If you are unsure, please choose ``Courier Delivery''.
(*There may have been dents in the past with Letter Pack Plus.
After that, we have made the packaging more sturdy by using cardboard to sandwich the package, but please note that there is no compensation like with courier services. )

★Introducing the video on Instagram!

Cutely stores rotating date stamps!

This time there are three date stamps!
Moreover, it has a luxurious finish unlike any other.

Are you having trouble storing your date stamps?

Surprisingly, it's bulkier than other stamps...
The shapes are also different, so it doesn't fit well.
Good news for such people!

A cute can that is the perfect size.
There are three rotating date stamps this time! It can be stored.
(*Our store's date stamps can fit 3)
It's much larger than the first date-stamped can.

Also, of course, ``Mini Mini Stamps'' will also be included.
Other stamps can also be stored.
It's also great for storing stamps from the Hanamatsuri series that didn't fit in the can!

The design matches the date rotating handle.
If you store it cutely in a can like this, it will make you feel good even if you leave it on your desk.

Unique luxury specifications

The specifications are different from other cans available at our store.
It has the most luxurious finish and is only available in this size.

The corners are rounded and elegant.
The corners have a slightly stepped design that gives it a luxurious feel.
The navy color and dark eyes also go well with it.

Along with the stamp

→ We have made it possible for you to select options at a reasonable price for the ``Date Rotation Stamp.''
Please choose together with the stamp.

Click here for all products of “Flower Festival Series”

Comes with a matching special postcard!

Design a ``postcard'' with an image that matches the date stamp.
The gentle colors will soothe you when you display it.

About cookie tins

The original cookie tin is
Unlike sweets shops, we don't make hundreds of pieces, so it costs a little more.
However, the previous stamp set that came with a cookie tin was very popular.
I really wanted to make a cute can with a rotating date stamp this time as well.

I hope you enjoy using the stamps.
The can is for putting cookies in, so
The inside is lined with white glassine paper and comes with a sleeve.
*Specifications may change in the future.

In fact, it was difficult to get the color of the can to match the image, so some of the cans were discontinued this time as well, so we had to make them again.
I would be happy if you could choose it.

The charm of stamps and the attention to detail in their designs

★Even if you can't draw, you can get cute stamps in an instant! And the appeal is that you can use it over and over again.

★My sister, who is a graphic designer, does the illustrations, and the shop owner, who is a web designer, does the product planning and design.
Items carefully designed with hand-painted natural and gentle touches.

Please check the details of each stamp on each page.
→ Click here for stamp list page

There are also stories of the two on Instagram.

Instagram also introduces the stories of two rabbits.
Bottom center of our Instagram page
Ecruforest Official Instagram @ecruforest
Click on the "movie icon" to see a list of videos.

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

Can: 179 x 91 x 49mm
Steel: Printing method UV inkjet printing



Remarks here.

*Please note that there may be some peeling of the exterior paint.
*This rectangular type does not come with a sleeve.
remarks here remarks here remarks here

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's beautiful and the color is just like the picture.

I love the navy color, so when I first saw the image, I was so happy! I was so confused between multicolor and single color finishes. I had seen some videos of it being created on an iPad, so I decided to go with a multi-colored finish so I could actually see the shading of the colors and the scattered stars. I never get tired of looking at the rabbits and flowers that come alive in the floating background that feels like it's going to suck you in. This is a wonderful can that can be displayed as is. I thought it would arrive in the new year, but it arrived within the year, which made me even happier. I will use it carefully. thank you very much. I am looking forward to creating future works.

Thank you for checking out the production process on Instagram!
The multicolored finish is something that took a lot of time to finish, so I'm glad you chose it. I was relieved that I managed to deliver it within the year. thank you!

Kankan collection✨

I was informed that it had been sent yesterday, and it arrived this evening. I was surprised at how fast it was. My daughter has multiple colors and I have a single color finish. My daughter and I both like Kankan, so we are gradually increasing our number. Of course, it also stores the stamps I've collected so far. This time too, I was hesitant and bought both! ️ I bought both and I'm very satisfied 🤭

I'm happy to be included in the Kankan collection ^^
The two colors have slightly different atmospheres and I think you can enjoy both.
We hope you enjoy using it to put stamps or store small items. thank you!

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