[Smartphone shoulder]
Includes a notebook! pochette
Rabbit, small bird, squirrel, hedgehog in a mini bag


First appearance! The smartphone shoulder also holds a notebook

The smartphone shoulder, which has been requested, is now available for the first time!
A cute and convenient mini shoulder bag that can be hung diagonally.

System notebook mini 6 hole size just enters.
You can also go out with your notebook.

Rabbits, small birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs The natural and gentle illustrations are animals from the Ekuryu Forest.

The following characters are designed in French.
"Welcome to Ekuryu Forest and have a good time with our friends."

It is also recommended for those who like rabbit goods and rabbit miscellaneous goods.
As it is matching with other items, you can enjoy it together.

Ready to ship

Only a very small amount has arrived.

★ "Beige" is now out of stock.
At present, if you wish, we will arrange for reproduction,
If the processing of the ribbon handle is included, it will take around 2 weeks.

*It is undecided whether the product will continue to be available in the future for both colors, so if you want it, hurry up.

There are several colors and types.
If processing is required, items in stock will be delivered in about a week.
(*As of February 16, 2023, only one pink item is in stock)

Such items may be discontinued without notice by the manufacturer.
For that reason, it is undecided whether it will be continued in the future.
If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

Actually, I was worried about developing it a long time ago, and gave up once.
However, it is still cute, so I decided to develop it this time because I can still have the manufacturer make it.
If you notice it, it may be out of print.

*In fact, the system notebook with the matching pattern has been discontinued, so the current stock is limited.
If you wish, please join us.

Arranged version available in 2 colors

It is easy to use and has an elegant finish with moderate gloss.
Illustrations are printed on the surface.
Items that can be printed with synthetic leather are limited.
I hope you enjoy it because it is a material that is different from cloth.

The colors are dull pink and beige.

  • The pink was a little darker than the image, but it's a pretty good color.
    It's cute and grown-up.
  • Beige also fits the atmosphere of the illustration.
    It is a good color with a slightly calm tone.
  • Both of them have a calm impression without being too flashy, so I think you can enjoy combining them with clothes and coordination.

About the arranged version

You can choose from options.

This is because the handle is a little short in the state of just printing without doing anything.
It is a specification that can not be adjusted in length.
It's a soft material, so it can be tied and shortened.
If you are okay with that, please choose.
It may also be good for children.

I felt that it was a little short for our shop, so we added an arranged version.

  • Remove the original handle and process it at our shop
  • If you remove the handle, you can also attach a "ribbon"
  • You can also add a short mini handle.
  • The long shoulder belt is a ready-made item, but the length can be adjusted to match the color best.

So, we will make various adjustments to the arranged version, so we will ask for the date as described above.

with ribbon

The color that matches the grosgrain ribbon is cute.
It doesn't have to be anything, but I think it will be cuter.
Too many choices can be confusing,
The arranged version basically comes with a ribbon.

A slightly dull pink ribbon for pink and a camel ribbon for beige.

With a mini handle or with a long belt

Also available with a mini handle.
It is a specification that can be attached to the handle of the bag.
Also, it is convenient to have a mini handle when you want to get it quickly.
The mini handle is removable, so you can use it only when you need it.

A long shoulder belt
Although it is a ready-made product, it is always used as an option at the main store bag shop.
I chose a length that can be worn diagonally, and it is convenient because it can be adjusted.
However, the color of the synthetic leather is different from the main body, so the color is slightly different.
*Please note that the material of the mini handle is also different.

*You can also use your own long shoulder belt.

・Pink has a bright pink shoulder belt ・Beige has a white or yellow beige shoulder belt.
I used white in the photo, but maybe yellow beige would have been better? I felt afterwards.
*For beige, please indicate the color of the shoulder belt in the remarks when ordering.

Matching items

You can enjoy it with a series of matching patterns.

→ "System notebooks, refills and other cute goods"

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"

W15×H22cm Shoulder strap length: approx. 120cm
PU leather, printing method: UV inkjet printing



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