Personalized Journal Notebook,System Notebook Mini6hole with Refillable Schedule Book,Rabbit,Little Bird, Squirrel, Hedgehog,kawaii,animal


Mini 6-hole size system notebook Cute animal patterns of rabbits and
hedgehogsOptional matching refills and straps are also available

We have restocked! We have restocked!

A schedule book that makes you look forward to every day!

A cute notebook will make you feel good even when you are busy.

Many people have more than one kind of organizer, because they can change the refills according to their moods.

Rabbits, birds, squirrels, hedgehogsThe
natural and gentle illustrations are of animals from the EKURYU forest.

We designed this product with the natural and gentle touch of handwriting in mind.

The following words are designed in French.
Welcome to the Ekuryu Forest and have a

good time with our

Please use our originally designed, cute schedule diary.

Size: "Mini 6-hole

The "Mini 6-hole" size is a small refill, but the
organizer is roomy enough to hold a variety of small items.
This notebook is not too large and easy to carry around in a bag.

The rings are the standard size for mini 6-hole notebooks, and refills are interchangeable.

Matching refills are optional.

Matching refills are available as an option.
Matching refill sets are available as an option.

The refill set is available for a small discount when used together with the notebook.

Refills are made of a
paper that is slightly thicker than copy paper and has a low reflection on the back of the paper.

We have received several comments that it is easy to write on the back of a fountain pen.
The paper is not printed by a printer, but printed on both sides for a beautiful finish.

Total of 51 refills

The following contents are included in the set.
Each contains half of two types (two colors).

Mini 6-hole size

  • Monthly Calendar
    14 months + cover pages, 15 sheets total
  • Weekly Calendar
    13 months total of 30 sheets
  • Notepad
    6 sheets

For more details about the refills, please refer to each detail page.
→Click here for notebook accessories and refills.

Inside the notebook is a convenient pocket.

The door closes with a magnet. Pen holder.
Inside there are 8 convenient pockets. There is also a pocket for business cards and cards.

Matching stickers (sold separately) can just barely fit in the pockets.
Stickers can be used on calendar pages, weekly pages, memo pads, and any other pages. We hope you will enjoy using them together.

→Click here to see the matching stickers.

Strap and charms are also cute decorations.

There are holes for straps, so you can add your favorite decorations.

Matching "straps and rabbit charms" (optional) are also available.

The strap comes with a heart charm featuring our logo.
The rabbit charm is made of acrylic and colored on both sides. It comes with a four-leaf clover charm.

It is a cute item to have and can be used for other things besides notebooks.
We hope you will use it together with us.

Rabbit charms can be found on the following page.

→ Rabbit charms are here

Please share with us how you use it!

Please share with us how you use them.
→Please share with us on our "Customer's Voice" page.

Notebook (closed): W: 120 mm H: 167 mm D: 18 mm, Refill: W: 80 mm H: 128 mm
PU leather, hardware, printing method for organizers: UV inkjet printing, refills: full color printing



Remarks here.

remarks here remarks here remarks here

+ Refills (set of monthly, weekly and memo):
+Strap & Rabbit Charm:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A very cute notebook that you want to carry around

Reffel is cute, and this size has a storage pocket that can hold pens. It is a very nice notebook that can be used for a long time. Reffel is also sold, so it's easy to repeat and it's helpful. I will use it with stamps and memo pads from now on. And thank you very much for your message and thoughtfulness.

It's also good to carry a notebook and enjoy it.
Thank you for your feedback.
It's nice to have a small pocket as well.
Please use the refills as much as possible.
I think that you will enjoy the matching memo pad that you chose together with the notebook and pattern even more.
Thank you very much. Thank you again.

cute personal organizer

A cute animal illustration system notebook with cute refills.

I can manage my schedule with my smartphone, but I like to write in my notebook, so I'm looking for a notebook with cute illustrations every year.
I also bought Ekuryu no Mori's cute stamps, so I'd like to use them together in a cute way.

User picture User picture User picture User picture

Thank you so much for all the photos!
That's right, you can do anything with your smartphone, but you can enjoy writing in a different way.
Thank you for choosing us.
I recently noticed that the schedule stamps look just right for this mini 6-hole size! I wish I could introduce you again.
Thank you.

cute ❤︎

I fell in love at first sight at minne and purchased a refill + charm set on this site. The texture of the notebook and the cute illustrations on the refills are even cuter in real life♡
Junior high school girls are cute too! want! When…
It seems that I will buy it again for my daughter ^ ^

I was very happy to receive your kind message. Thank you♡

Love at first sight ^^ Thank you for your kind words!
It would be fun for the young lady to have such a parent-child match.
Thank you again for your various items.
Thank you for your kind feedback. thank you!

Love at first sight!

I saw it on Instagram and fell in love at first sight and bought it!
The illustrations are cute and the size is just right. I will use it carefully♡

thank you!
I'm glad you liked it.
I would be happy if you could use it.
We also have various matching goods, so please take care of it ^ ^

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