Address stickers with illustrations: For letters
Envelope with rabbit, hydrangea, bluebell, lily of the valley, forest scenery, animals


We also recommend adding this to your letter sets. Address stickers and labels for envelopes. With illustrations, you can make even simple envelopes look cute. There are two types with the same design as the letter sets in the Ekuryu Forest Flower Festival series. The contents are optional.
A French forest landscape with rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, and small birds. Pinch-eared rabbits, floppy-eared rabbits, and bluebells, hydrangeas, and lily of the valley flowers.

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This product includes:

  • Address labels: 10 sheets
    There are two sizes in one pattern.
    5 pieces of each size

*The image shows the contents of the letter set, but this page only includes address labels.

Small: The same size as the address labels that come in letter sets. These labels are designed to be placed in tracing paper envelopes, so they are small in size.
It would be cute if you decorate around the address label with stamps, flake stickers, etc.

Larger: A slight increase in size.
This can also be useful if you have a long address.

The sample in the image uses a smaller size.

Simple envelopes are also cute

Even the simplest envelope can be made cute by simply sticking these address labels on it.
You may find it useful when you feel like your food is a bit bland.

If you use a larger envelope, you can make it even cuter by decorating it with stamps and stickers around the edge.
We also have stamps and stickers from the same series with the same pattern, so please check them out too.

How to use address labels

I added lines to make it easier to arrange the letters,
You can use just the addressee, or you can include the sender's name and address as well.
We've included some sample images to help you use it.
This depends on the size of the letters and the length of the address, so choose according to your preference.

We also have "letter sets" that include writing paper, envelopes, and address labels.
Stickers and stamps that you can mix and match

We also thought of date stamps, stamps, and frame stickers as items that people can enjoy.
Please mix and match them together and enjoy them together.

First letter item

We planned our first letter items with the hope that people would enjoy not only stamps but also items with illustrations like these.
Of course, the stamps have the same pattern.

You can have fun using these address stickers together with the "letter set."

Ekuryu Forest Series: Forest Scenery

First of all, I wanted to design a forest scene in gentle colors.
Forest animals such as rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, and small birds gather together.
Enjoy the time to write your letter with a kind heart.
This is the first series designed for Ekuryu no Mori.

Gentle colors with a natural feel

Combined with date stamp

The round date stamp is from the Ekuryu no Mori series. It's a stamp that looks great on letters.
Have fun combining them with other stamps in your letters.

Flower Festival Series: Hydrangeas, Bluebells, Lily of the valley

The Flower Festival series depicts forest scenes with gorgeous flowers in bloom.
Of course, there are bluebells, the image flower of Ekuryu Forest, but there is also lily of the valley.
And this time I wanted to use hydrangea as a motif.
You can create a hydrangea by using a small stamp set.
I added the same hydrangea as a motif.

Combine with a square date stamp

The Flower Festival series, in particular the "square date stamp," is themed around letters.
Have fun combining them with letter sets too.
Enjoy writing your letter while being soothed by the cute illustrations.

Other patterns and items are available on separate pages.

I also made letter sets in other designs.
In the sample, date stamps, stickers, etc. are used on the envelopes.

Address stickers with illustrations Labels: For letters > For envelopes Rabbits Hydrangeas Bluebells Lily of the valley Forest scenery Animals

Address stickers with illustrations Labels: For letters > For envelopes Rabbits Hydrangeas Bluebells Lily of the valley Forest scenery Animals

Share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer Feedback Page"

Stays On Midi: 58 x 58 x 20mm, Stays On: 99 x 68 x 19mm
Ribbon: Organdy (100% polyester), Paper: Postcard size (148mm x 100mm) approximately 0.24mm (thicker than official postcards)



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The stickers are printed with a commercial laser printer. Since they are cut by hand, there may be some errors or slight distortions. remarks here remarks here remarks here


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