Large ring also available [Mini 6-hole system notebook]
Balloon rabbit pattern mini grid notebook with schedule book and refills
Rabbit, small bird, squirrel, hedgehog children lessons study cram school


Mini 6 hole size system notebook This is the same pattern as the stamp "Hanamatsuri series". Two rabbits holding balloons.
A scene where two rabbits, a floppy-eared rabbit and a floppy-eared rabbit, small birds, deer, and bluebells and lily of the valley flowers bloom gorgeously.
Comes with a mini grid notebook and mini stickers.
A large ring is also available. Matching refills and straps are optional

★Options and cart button are at the bottom ↓

★Large ring now available!
Please choose from options

Introducing a large ring!

Now available in a larger size than previous rings.
Refill pages can be turned smoothly,
The index is also comfortable! The fun of playing with various things is multiplied!

Please choose from the options.
(From 2024.0316 onwards, you can choose the color of the ring only at the first reception )

First reception: Until Wednesday, March 20, 2024

(*Large images are also available. Videos are also available.
Please check it. )

Precautions when changing ring size

Installation work required. It will take about 5 to 7 days.
*For the first reception, we will collect the numbers and place some orders on March 20th.
If ordered, it is expected to be shipped at the very end of the month.

★If you would like something other than pink gold, please write it in the notes or send a message.

We have a few pieces of pink gold in stock, but if we run out of them, or other colors, it will take about 1 to 2 weeks.
Ring differs from original specifications.
The finished product will have metal fittings visible on the front and spine.
(Replace by drilling a hole in the main body with a large drill)
I highly recommend it as it will be very comfortable!

Cute system notebook
Convenient magnetic design
Mini grid notebook with mini stickers

Even if you're busy every day, you can improve your mood with a cute notebook
Comes with a "mini grid notebook" and a "mini sticker" with matching pattern.
It has a magnet to open and close, which
is very convenient.
small birds, squirrels, hedgehogs - natural and gentle illustrations of Ekuryu forest animals.
Designed with a natural and gentle hand-drawn touch, these are two rabbits holding patterned balloons from the popular "Hana Matsuri Series" stamps.
floppy-eared rabbit, floppy- eared rabbit
Image of Ekuryu Forest A gorgeous scene where bluebells and lilies of the valley bloom.
Along with deer and birds

Surprisingly, it is rare to see cute designs for system planners.
The prints are of high quality and have been well received.
This is an item that is difficult to produce on a continuous basis at our store. Please choose.

★Limited quantity sale★

This is
"System Notebook: Balloon Rabbit Pattern"
This is the page of

Other patterns are on a separate page
"French animal pattern"


*This system notebook, which was once popular, has been discontinued.
★This time, it can be reproduced in limited quantities and is on sale.

Also introduce videos on Instagram

Can also be used as a daily record or memo

The attractive feature of the system notebook is that you can enjoy refilling it in various ways.
It's hard to get into the habit of using a planner, but I think the mini 6-hole size notebook is small and fun to use as a memo for recording.

  • For handmade production schedules and records.
  • Schedule and record Instagram posts
  • For recording diet, exercise, and meal contents

Great for daily recording and managing your child's schedule. For summer vacation, lessons, and cram school study plans. Parents and children will spend time together!

The size is "mini 6 holes"

``Mini 6-hole'' is small and easy to carry in your bag. This notebook has a small ring diameter and does not contain many refills, so we recommend using it as a sub .

*For rings with larger diameters, "tri-fold type" is also available.
“System notebook list”

Matching refill is optional

"Refill" that matches the notebook is optional
There is a slight discount if you use it with a notebook.

Perfect for those who don't have enough taste to decorate their notebooks. Just fill in
Cute voice too. Beautiful double-sided printing.

Total of 59 refills

The set includes the following contents: My notes are much more extensive than before!

  • "Monthly calendar"
    : 14 months + front cover + back cover, total 15 sheets
  • "Weekly weekly calendar"
    :13 months total 30 sheets
  • 7 types of “memo pad”
    (14 types with different colors and patterns on both sides) x 2 each

    :Total 14 pieces

More details about “Refill” below
→[Click here for refill details]

*From usage in November 2023
Since the beginning, we have reviewed the printing companies and methods for refills and made them more affordable and affordable.

There is a convenient pocket inside the notebook

The door closes with a magnet. Comes with a pen holder.
There are 8 convenient pockets inside. There is also a pocket for business cards and cards.

*I think it would be a good idea to put the matching "mini grid notebook" and "sticker" in the space behind the refill as shown in the image. *Some of the stickers will fit in your pocket, but some will not fit .

→ [Matching stickers such as index stickers]

The straps and charms are cute too.

The system notebook has a hole for attaching a strap.

Also utilize “number/symbol stamps”

"Numbers and symbols stamp" made by Shachihata
"Number/symbol stamps" can now be used in the number field of refills. I've heard from people for some time that they're concerned about handwritten letters.

→Click here for "Number/Symbol Stamp"

Inside are "mini notes and stickers"

We also introduce various ways to use the "Mini Graph Notebook" that you would like to use with your notebook on Instagram. What do you write in combination with your main notebook?
*The system notebook currently comes with a “mini grid notebook”

index and animal stickers

Coordinated with notebooks and refills
"Index stickers" and "transparent animal stickers"

“Index stickers/transparent animal stickers”
“Seals and miscellaneous goods”

Hyokkori animal index too

An index with animals peeking through, sold separately. Ekuryu no Mori's "Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter" four seasons design *This system notebook has a small ring, so if it is difficult to insert it with other refills, we recommend that you file it with the required number of sheets.

“Click here for Hyokkori Animal Index”

"Schedule stamp" can also be used.

Click here for “Schedule Stamp”

Recommended items

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

Ring diameter: Small, about 10-12mm, Notebook (when closed): W: 120mm H: 167mm D: 18mm, Refill: W: 80mm H: 128mm
PU leather, metal fittings, notebook printing method: UV inkjet printing, refill: full color printing



Remarks here.

*Please note that the color of the print may vary slightly from time to time.
*Shipping via Click Post will be simple packaging.
remarks here remarks here remarks here

+Refill set/ring size:
+ strap & rabbit charm:
Included mini grid notebook:

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
This is a system notebook that will make your daily writing fun!

Thank you very much for the super cute system notebook 😊
Classroom schedule management <br>Daily to-do list etc. <br>It looks like you can have fun filling it out every day!
I hope you have lots of wonderful plans 😊
I'm really thankful to you!

thank you! I'm very happy to be able to use it to record handmade items.
I hope you have lots of fun writing your wonderful plans.
Refills are paper that can also be used with stamps, so we hope you will enjoy doing that as well. thank you.

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