No hole can also be used as a notebook decoration [Mini 6-hole refill: single item]
Memo system notebook
Also included in fountain pens Hanamatsuri Series Rabbits and Birds Children Lessons Study School


Mini 6-hole size system notebook refill: Cute natural animal pattern memo of rabbits and hedgehogs: Can be used with notebooks and stamps, and can also be used with fountain pens .
The one without holes can also be used to decorate a notebook (if it is in stock, please select it as an on-sale option)

"Refill" that matches the system notebook

"Refill" with a design that matches the cover of the mini 6-hole size notebook
Re-released with new design!
Cute rabbits, small birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs are from Ekuryu Forest.

★This is
"Notebook contents (refill) only: Memo"

This is the sales page.

*Memo only
Refills are available in sets of all types and individually.

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*From usage in November 2023
Reviewing printing companies and methods from the beginning

The price has been revised to make it more affordable.

memo pad refill

The design of the memo pad has been significantly increased this time!
Designed to be fun just by looking at it

7 types of memo, 14 types with different colors and patterns on both sides
Designed with cute rabbits and various color patterns such as balloons and bluebell flowers.

  • A type with cute frames and ruled lines
  • Graph type
  • White background border type
  • Type with cute balloon pattern without lines
  • A type that can be used as a message card by cutting the top and bottom.
  • Dull pink background border type
  • Light blue background type without lines

★Types that can be cut vertically are
Wouldn't it be a good idea to attach the included "text stickers" to the index stickers and make them into mini cards?

The memo file has the following contents

The following contents are included in the set.

  • 7 types of “memo pad”
    (14 types with different colors and patterns on both sides) x 3 pieces each
    :Total 21 pieces

We have received multiple feedback that the beautifully printed paper, which is not printed on a printer, is a little thicker than copy paper and is resistant to bleed-through, making it easy to write on without showing up on fountain pens.

Memos can be used in many different ways.
For annual goals, birthday lists, and notes.
Please let me know how to use it!

Introducing Memorefill in an Instagram video

The size is "mini 6 holes"

The "Mini 6 Hole" is a small-sized notebook that is easy to carry in your bag.

Can also be used as a daily record or memo

The charm of the system planner is that you can customize the refills inside.
I'm looking forward to opening it with the cute refill.

I have a hard time getting into the habit of using a notebook.
The mini 6-hole size notebook is not too big.
I hope you will enjoy using it for recording purposes or as a memo .

  • For handmade production schedules and records.
  • Schedule and record Instagram posts
  • For recording diet, exercise, and meal contents

Matches with notebook
Rabbits from the Hanamatsuri series

The cover matches the notebook!
The popular “Flower Festival Series” stamps
Matches with stamp storage can

Easy and cute notebook with refills!

Perfect for those who can't do much to decorate their notebooks.A cute refill that you can just fill in.

Index stickers and animal stickers are also available.

Coordinate with your notebook, refills, and stickers

The index sticker is finally realized this time.
The color coordination is perfect

Animal stickers and ones with transparent backgrounds are also available. Easy to use as a refill.
★Some memo refills can also be cut out and used as message cards.
Letter stickers that can be combined are also convenient

"Click here for stickers and miscellaneous goods"

“Click here for index stickers and transparent animal stickers”

“Click here for two types of animal stickers”

Matching “system notebook” and “stickers/stamps” are also available.

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Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

W: 80mm H: 128mm



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