Ink pad [Tsukineko]
Brilliance Dewdrop
4 color set planetarium metallic color
Gold and silver Notebooks and sticky notes Ink that can be stamped on schedule books and memo paper


4-color set of metallic colors

A set of 4 attractive metallic colors including "Gold: Gold / Silver: Silver".
It is an ink that gives a special feeling of sparkle, which is wonderful even when combined with matte ink.

This galaxy gold is also used for making cards with mimosa stamps, introduced for Mimosa Day.
I feel that yellow ink alone is not enough.
So I tried a metallic color.
It has a very good feeling and shades, and above all, it is very beautiful as it sparkles.

In the sample
Bertha Magic Dew Drop
I use it in combination with GD-31 Thatched Straw (yellow ink).
"Versa Magic Dew Drop" is on another page.

It's also beautiful and wonderful to use a little sparkling ink for making message cards and decorating notebooks and notebooks.

What's included in the set

Tsukineko Brilliance Dewdrop

  • BD-91: Galaxy Gold
  • BD-92: Platinum Planet
  • BD-93: Starlight Silver
  • BD-94: Cosmic Copper

The ink size is the same as Versa Magic Dewdrops, so they can be stacked. Cute drop-shaped ink.

For color image reference

Because it is a metallic color, it may be a little difficult to convey in the image.
In fact, it is very beautiful as it glitters depending on the angle.

I think that you can use it wonderfully for making Christmas cards.
It has a charm that matte colors don't have, so I think it's very convenient to have one.

It is especially useful for our Hana Matsuri series → "6-piece set of small stamps" .
It's perfect for the image of "Kirakira star",
Mimosa stamps also use gold for the “three star flowers”.
The color is darker than the yellow ink, so it has a light and dark shade, and it sparkles.

Please enjoy metallic color ink.

stamped on white paper and
Stamped on dark blue paper.

Ink with a cute drop shape

Versatile ink that can be used on coated paper, photo and vellum paper.
For "schedule books, sticky notes and memos".
It is an ink pad recommended for "paper".

Perfect for notebooks and notebooks

This ink is less likely to show through on paper than other inks.
However, depending on the quality of the paper, it may show through.

Compact and can be stacked vertically.
Anyway, the shape is very cute, so it's a fun ink to use.
Please try various colors.

with a stamp

I would be happy if you could use it together with the stamp.
Nice to meet you.


Plain paper, art paper, coated paper, vellum paper, photo, leather (tanned), wood (unpainted), polymer clay, shrink plastic, terracotta, etc.

Drying time

10 to 15 minutes (drawing paper) Depends on materials, conditions such as climate, and ink color.

Water-based pigment ink

Pigment-based inks: Many of them have strong light resistance and water resistance, and are archival (good for long-term storage). Because it is a particle, it does not bleed easily on paper.







  • スタンプの商用利用は不可とさせていただいておりますが、詳しくは→商用利用についてをご確認下さい。


  • スタンプは、インクが乾くまえに水を含ませたティッシュで簡単に拭き取って下さい。
  • 印面ゴムの劣化や木の日焼けを防ぐため、直射日光と高温多湿を避けて保管下さい。
  • 木目の柄や色は個体差があります。ご了承下さい。
  • 木の側面には当店ロゴの焼印を押しております。手作業になりますので、色が濃い目の場合・薄めの場合や、時により柄の一部が焼印されないようなこともございますのでご了承下さい。

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