We also deliver to overseas

The other day we went to Hong Kong, and today we are going to Taiwan.

We deliver stamps and notebook accessories to our overseas customers.
In the past, we have delivered to several customers in Hong Kong.
And today, to Taiwan!

海外へもお届け スタンプ 手帳小物 システム手帳レフィル うさぎスタンプ 動物

We are
very happy that our products are enjoyed not only in Japan but also by people overseas.

海外へ発送 かわいいスタンプ スケジュールスタンプ 日本 うさぎ えくりゅの森

We have delivered our products to Hong Kong, Taiwan
, and not only to Asia but also to

the United States.

Kobe Tartan Inkan Case!

Actually, the "Kobe Tartan Inkan Case" has also crossed the sea.

Strangely enough, the Kobe Tartan seal case
seems to be popular among overseas customers as well.
It seems that the Kobe tartan seal case is actually popular among foreign customers, and has more views than other products.

Kobe Tartan is a tartan check pattern inspired by the city of Kobe. The
blue represents the sea of Kobe and the green represents Mt.

The blue tartan check pattern is a very rare and beautiful color, so it
seems to attract the attention of people from overseas as well.

→Click here for "Kobe tartan seal case

海外へ日本から発送します かわいいスタンプ うさぎ 動物 システム手帳レフィル 手帳 えくりゅの森

When we deliver our products overseas, we

fold bunnies and cranes with origami, hoping that our
customers will feel a little bit of Japan.

The crane is a symbol of peace, isn't it?

The reason for this is that shipping overseas is
still being affected by the coronavirus, and
not only that, but also by the


Especially in Europe, the situation is very difficult at present.
Flights are restricted and
there are many areas where delivery is not possible.

So, we had a
customer from England who requested a

Kobe Tartan seal case, but there was

no air service to England and it would

take many months by sea to deliver it.

So, unfortunately, we were not able to deliver it at that time.

日本から香港へお届け かわいいスタンプ システム手帳 レフィル

The number of air shipments is gradually increasing, but I
feel that the world is
very close but very far away....

I hope things will be back to normal soon.

日本から海外へ かわいいスタンプ 手帳小物

→Click here for "Kobe Tartan Seal Case

→Click here for schedules and cute animal stamps.

→Click here for system notebooks and refills

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