Calling all handmade artists and handmade lovers!

Supporting Handmade

all handmade artists and
those who love handmade goods even if they don't sell them!

am looking for ideas that I don't have and would love to see
if you can use stamps in your work.

For more information, please visit us on Instagram.

ハンドメイド作家さん募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

I made this using a combination of stamps and machine embroidery.
I hope you can see this as just one of the sample images.

Not limited to small cloth goods, any genre is acceptable.

Hand embroidery, clasps, leather crafts, paper crafts, miniature crafts, etc.?

We would like to invite you to join us in a relaxed manner and hope that you will enjoy using our products freely.

are planning this project with the hope that we can connect with various handmade lovers
without thinking too hard.

This time, we would like to offer a special "stamp giveaway!

ハンドメイド作家さんハンドメイド好きな人募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

ハンドメイド作家さん募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

Of course, there are people who enjoy making handmade items for their children.

I thought it was very cute when I tried it on a small item this time.
It would be nice to use them as tags or for wrapping your works.

It might also be good for wrapping sweets or miniature sweets.

ハンドメイド作家さん募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

I have

been selling my products in my own online store for more than 10 years, so


may be able to help you in some way. Yes!

ハンドメイド作家さん募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

have experimented with various things, so we
will tell you about those things as well.

For artists who are selling their works, we
will also allow commercial use

Please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to hearing your ideas on how we can use them.

I received some comments from people who were looking
to it right away.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

→Click here to see the smaller stamps.

ハンドメイド作家さんハンドメイド好きな人募集 スタンプを使って手作り えくりゅの森

ハンドメイド作家さん募集 スタンプを使ってハンドメイド えくりゅの森

↑upHere is an example I made a long time ago,
stamped on the inside of a transparent sheet.
I think it would be nice to do something like this.

would like to show you
some examples of our work in our store and on our instagram page.

Please feel free to apply.

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