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Rabbit and squirrel little bird



A cute strap that can be used for notebooks, smartphones, passport cases, etc. It is convenient because you can easily put your hand through it and it prevents the item from falling.
Two designs of animals from Ekuryu Forest, including rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels and small birds. Comes with a heart charm.

New patterns also available

A new pattern has been added to the straps, making two types available.

  • A green design featuring animals in a forest setting
  • A stylish design combining animals and French language

A useful strap

The animals of Ekuryu Forest have been made into straps.
Rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels, and birds are all motifs that are available as stamps and other merchandise.
It is also recommended for those who like rabbit goods and rabbit miscellaneous goods.

We also recommend displaying it in your notebook together with the separately sold "hook holder" and "rabbit charm."

With heart charm

The heart charm (hook holder) features the ecru forest logo.

★The "Rabbit acrylic charm" is on a separate page.

    Please use it together with other items.

    Share how you use it

    Please share how you use it.
    →How to share is on the "Customer Feedback Page"

    W: 25 mm H: 75 mm, H: 90 mm including hardware
    PU leather, strap printing method: UV inkjet printing, charms: brass, paper, polyurethane, etc.



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    Customer Reviews

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    Everyone was there!! I'm so happy.

    All the animals were there!!
    This is often seen on products with all-over patterns, but there is a proviso that says, ``The way the pattern appears is different.'' This product didn't have any special notes, but when I looked at the design with that in mind, it looked exactly like the product image.
    It was a strap that had been carefully placed. I couldn't help but count the animals 1, 2, 3...
    The charms connected by hooks can also be removed, so I feel like I can enjoy it in a variety of ways and save money.
    I've been interested in a keychain type accessory for a while but couldn't decide which one to choose, but this one is perfect for pairing with a smartphone shoulder. The product images were helpful, and I was finally able to pick it up.
    Cute strap. I will enjoy using it. thank you very much.

    thank you. That's right, everyone is there ^^
    The strap is surprisingly cute, so I recommend this item.
    It's cute and surprisingly convenient when you add a little bit of it.
    We hope you find it useful. thank you.

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