[Date rotation stamp]
There's also a matching storage can!
ecru forest SANBY
Manufactured by Sunbee Also suitable for notebooks and message cards★Rabbit hedgehog squirrel bird


Ekuryu no Mori's "rotating date stamp" is now available.

I've always wanted to make a "rotating date stamp"
We wanted to create a pattern that was typical of our store, and we were able to create a stamp featuring all the animals: rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels, and small birds.
It has a natural image with twigs surrounding the animals like a wreath.It was designed to match the large stamps we use for our shop.
The size is a round type with a diameter of 30mm.
The size is so small that it would be difficult to reproduce the pattern if it were any smaller.
(*The small round stamp in the image is the date rotation stamp)

Dates can be used until 2033 in the Western calendar.
Manufactured by SANBY

Of course, you can use it as a date stamp on your notebook or notebook, but we also designed it to be fun in a variety of ways by combining it with small stamps.

Merci Beaucoup, For You, and Congratulations make great small gifts. Other mini-mini stamps can also be enjoyed in various combinations.

There's also a matching "storage can"!
Store stamps cutely

We have created a matching storage tin that is perfect for rotating date stamps.
★Slightly discounted price when used together with "Rotating Date Stamp"

★The can comes with a “+ sticker”
★The can will be pink.
Those who want both are welcome ( →can only reception page )

About shipping methods

It is possible with "Letter Pack Plus",
We cannot provide compensation or replacement if the can is dented.
In addition, 2 or more cans will be shipped by ``home delivery''.

In the case of Letter Pack Plus,
We will do our best to package the item to make it as dent-resistant as possible, but if you are unsure, please choose ``home delivery''.
(*There may have been dents in the past with Letter Pack Plus.

After that, we have made the packaging more sturdy by using cardboard to sandwich the package, but please note that there is no compensation like with courier services. )

Cutely stores rotating date stamps!

Are you having trouble storing your date stamps?

Surprisingly, it's bulkier than other stamps...
The shapes are also different, so it doesn't fit well.
Good news for such people!
A cute can that is the perfect size.
There are two rotating date stamps! It can be stored.
Also, of course, ``Mini Mini Stamps'' will also be included.

The design matches the date rotating handle.

The can comes with a matching special sticker!

Actually, this is my first time using a "rotating date stamp" sticker.
There are some original designs, but
This is my first time designing a rotating date stamp itself! + Mini Mini Stamp's bird and logo design as a sticker.

About cookie tins

This is a different shape from the previous square cans.
It's long and thin, and the shape is a little different.

The original cookie tin is
Unlike sweets shops, we don't make hundreds of pieces, so it costs a little more.
However, the previous stamp set that came with a cookie tin was very popular.
I wanted to make a cute can with a rotating date stamp, so I came up with this idea.

I hope you enjoy using the stamps.
The can is for putting cookies in, so
The inside is lined with white glassine paper and comes with a sleeve.
*Specifications may change in the future.

In fact, it was difficult to get the color of the can to match the image, so some of the cans were discontinued this time as well, so we had to make them again.
I would be happy if you could choose it.

*Due to the thickness of this item, it will be shipped via Letter Pack Plus or courier.
*The large stamp in the image is not a rotating date stamp.
This is a stamp for our shop that is used when packaging.


★"Mini Mini Stamp" is also available on a separate page, but if you select it as an option from this page with rotating date stamps, you will save a little money.


A special stamp that allows you to change the date: date rotation stamp

The rotating date stamp is a stamp that will make you feel like a teacher!
Being able to change the date to the same day is a unique charm.

Add that day's stamp to your notebook or notebook diary.
You can also use it like a postmark on envelopes for letters.

There are many usage examples in the image, so please refer to it.

The date can also be left blank.

The date part of the date rotation stamp can be left blank.
This is what makes it different from other stamps, and we have made it possible for you to enjoy various combinations.

How to blank the date

Loosen the screw on the side and bring out the stamp side.
Then rotate the date part to match the empty part in between.
Return the stamp face to its original position and secure the screw.
This will leave the center blank, so
We put mini-mini stamps on them, and of course sometimes we add handwritten messages. You can have a lot of fun with it.

Handle paper color

The handle is designed to allow paper to be placed inside.
I previously introduced it in an Instagram video.
Available in 3 colors: pink, greige, and white.
I'm planning to use pink as the standard, but if you would like a different color, please let me know.

Introducing handle colors in an Instagram video

Types of mini mini stamps

Mini mini stamps are fairly small stamps, around 2.5cm wide.
It is sized so that it can be combined with a rotating date stamp, but you can also enjoy it in other ways.

A mini stamp that can be enjoyed in combination with a rotating date stamp - Ekuryu no Mori

I will introduce them in order from the top in the image.

Keep on Smiling!
Always smile

This is the catchphrase at our Ekuryu no Mori store.
I think you can use it as an attachment to a message card, in your notebook or diary, or as a stamp for yourself.
You can also use it with our animal stamps.
Combining text creates a more atmospheric feeling than just illustrations.

Merci beaucoup
Merci Beaucoup: Thank you very much.

It would be cute to add a little to a small gift.
And also on message cards.
I think this is a stamp that can be used in many different ways.
There are small hearts and sparkles around it.

Little bird illustration and twig and logo
écru forest

This stamp is different from the others and is interesting.
In fact, if you stamp in the empty space, the top and bottom patterns will connect!
It's such a mysterious stamp.
There are no other stamps like this, right? !
It would be nice if you could use it as a regular round stamp.

Also, as shown in the image, you can combine this stamp with twigs to create a hidden picture. ! We thought it might be fun to use it in a casual way, so we created a stamp with a logo on it for the first time for sale! just made it.

For You
For You: To You

This is a word you would like to add to a small present or card.
In the image, I combined it with a rotating date stamp and pasted it like a sticker on the sealing part of the envelope. It's good to use it like this


Of course, it may be a good idea to stamp it on a notebook as a congratulatory message, for example, to tell your child that they did a great job.

Also, it looks like you'll have a lot of fun with this other than the rotating date stamp.
In the image, Pair Usagi is holding it in her hand like a ribbon.
It would be cute to combine it with the flapping birds and Bambi from the Flower Festival series, or with various animals such as the hedgehog, rabbit, and squirrel from the first stamp series.

It's a mini stamp, so it's very small, but it looks great when combined with our animal stamps.

You know~♪

This is also a very interesting stamp.
The reason why I chose ``Ano'' is because I feel like people who choose our rabbit stamp are being talked to by ``Ano''! ^^ I have heard from you.

I was strangely convinced, and decided to make a stamp with that image in mind.
There is a rabbit in the center just below the rotating date stamp, so imagine that the rabbit is talking.

Also, it can be used as a rabbit stamp with a different face or a pair of rabbits!
Also suitable for hedgehogs and other animals!
It is a stamp that you can play with in various ways.

twig stamp

I originally imagined using this as a message card, and imagined that I could write a message by connecting two twigs next to the rotating date stamp.

However, after using it, I realized that it could also be used as a decoration around the edges, as a supporting role like the grass under the feet of animals, or as a frame.
This is a stamp that you can play with.
It's a fairly small twig, so I think it's easier to stamp it lightly to get a delicate feel.

★Also introduced on Instagram Get the latest information quickly on Instagram → Ekuryu no Mori Instagram


Mini mini stamps are available in 3, 4, or 7 points.

Please select the mini mini stamp as an option.
If you would like to order 3 or 4 items, please indicate your preference in the notes when ordering, or let us know by email or Instagram DM after placing your order.

Stamps that can be combined and enjoyed

You can have even more fun using the Ekuryu Forest stamps in combination.
Please choose it together with the letter stamp.

→ “Click here for a list of all stamp types”

→Click here for “Ekuryu no Mori Flower Festival Series”

Introducing the shipping process in the Instagram video!

Also includes ink pad cleaner

We also have "ink pads" in colors that match the image of the stamp.
``Cleaner'' is also an essential item for cleaning stamps.
Please join us.

→ Click here for a list of ink pad cleaners

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”







  • スタンプの商用利用は不可とさせていただいておりますが、詳しくは→商用利用についてをご確認下さい。


  • スタンプは、インクが乾くまえに水を含ませたティッシュで簡単に拭き取って下さい。
  • 印面ゴムの劣化や木の日焼けを防ぐため、直射日光と高温多湿を避けて保管下さい。
  • 木目の柄や色は個体差があります。ご了承下さい。
  • 木の側面には当店ロゴの焼印を押しております。手作業になりますので、色が濃い目の場合・薄めの場合や、時により柄の一部が焼印されないようなこともございますのでご了承下さい。


can + sticker:

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