Two types of stickers★Index stickers/transparent stickers Balloon rabbit Ekuryu no Mori/Flower Festival series Great for notebook refills and schedule management
Notebook and matching rabbit, lop-eared rabbit, small bird, squirrel


Two types of stickers are available

Index stickers are now available for the first time!

We have finally created index stickers that can be used as ``refills for system notebooks''.
A cute sticker with a small checkered pattern.

The refill also has a new design!
New notebook too! Because I did
We hope you will enjoy it together.

It's sized to fit into your notebook cover, so feel free to put it in your pocket.

Index sticker contents

  • Small: Numbered and plain, total 20 items
  • Large: 7 items total with text and plain color
  • Text and illustration stickers total 16 items

Large: The horizontally long type is
Contains three types of characters in English: monthly calendar, weekly calendar, and memo.

Small: The small index from January to December is
I think it would be a good idea to attach it to your weekly calendar refill.

Plain indexes are also available for each, so you can use additional ones if you like.

The surface color is also PP processed (laminated) to prevent it from peeling off.
The index sticker is a semi-transparent material, but when applied, it can be used as a transparent image.

There is also a cute "French" sticker that can be used as a memory filler.

At the left end of the sheet,
Along with stickers featuring Usagi-chan and illustrations, there are also stickers with “letters” on them.

5 illustrations and letters + twigs

This is the design used in the "Mini Mini Stamp" that can be combined with a rotating date stamp.

I designed it thinking it would be cute to use as a memo refill.
Some memo fills have images that can be cut out and used to make cards, so they are cute when used for that purpose.
The colors are also coordinated, so please refer to the sample images.
You can also use it for other message cards.

Introducing transparent animal stickers!

Transparent animal stickers are now available for the first time!
We have made cute stickers with colored designs from the ``1st Ekuryu no Mori Series'' and ``2nd Flower Festival Series'' stamps.
Since it is transparent, it can be used as a notebook or notebook, or as a refill for a notebook.

A whopping 67 pieces of different sizes! sticker

One sheet contains a whopping 67 stickers.

This includes both large and small sizes, but we wanted you to put in as much as possible and enjoy it, so creating the data became quite difficult...

*All sticker backgrounds are transparent.
The mount is colored with images of the sky and forest.

These animal stickers are also PP processed (laminated) to prevent the surface color from peeling off.

Also include other stickers

There are other stickers as well.
Please choose with us.
“Click here for stickers, miscellaneous goods, etc.”

Also introduce videos on Instagram

↓ There is a video in the second picture

Along with the system notebook

Make sure to pair it with your ``system planner'' and ``refill'' to help manage your schedule in a cute way.

→[Click here for system notebook]
:This item will be discontinued while supplies last.
We are planning to release something new.

Recommended items

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Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

W: 95 mm H: 148mm



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