Animal round sticker set
Matching rabbit, bird, hedgehog and squirrel stamps
Set of 13


Matching cute animal stickers with stamps

These cute round stickers feature animals that match the stamps.
It is also recommended to stick it in your notebook.

Set of 13 cards.
- 1 large sticker: A special sticker featuring all the animals of Ekuryu Forest. - 12 small stickers: Contains 3 stickers of each of the 4 types of animals.

For your diary or notebook

The matching "system planner" and "refills" are perfect for adding cute ideas to your planners and notebooks.

Rabbits, birds, squirrels, hedgehogs
The natural and gentle illustrations feature the animals of Ekuryu Forest.
We carefully designed it to capture the natural and gentle touch of handwriting.

This sticker is,
The design features a single white line that is similar to the image of a stamp.

I hope you will enjoy using these stamps in your diary or notebook.
You can also use it as a decorative material.

※The notes shown in the image are as follows:

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*The large square sticker in the last photo is as follows

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"System planners and refills" and "stamps" are also available.

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Diameter: 30mm



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Printing: Full color printing (This is a commercial print, not a home printer) remarks here remarks here remarks here

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