Two types of stickers: a

rabbit, a little bird, and a squirrel


match your notebook and

schedule management


Stickers that you can put on your notebook and enjoy

Cute stickers printed in full color with matching notebooks and stamps.
Cute rabbits, birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs are the animals of the Ekuryu Forest.

36 large and small stickers

Each sheet is designed with 36 stickers of different sizes of circles and squares.

The smaller stickers are the perfect size for a calendar or weekly schedule page.

The larger ones can be placed on notepads or anywhere you like.

Two types of designs

We have designed two types.

French" version

The design combines animals and the French language.

The matching image with the system notebook and other items is a light beige-based sticker in stylish shades.

In the Forest" Version

The green base is an image of a forest with a natural feel.
This one is a forest scene with bluebells in bloom;
I drew and designed this image of a forest on my iPad.

Together with a system notebook

We hope you will make use of it with our system organizers and refills to help you manage your schedule in a cute way.

→Click here for System Notebooks

Also for gift wrapping

Larger stickers are also cute when used for wrapping.
→There is also a tag that is just the right size for the "Starter Kit".

Matching "system organizer refills" and "stamps" are also available.

→Click here for a list of notebook accessories and stationery.

→Click here for a list of stamps.

Please share with us how you make use of it!

Please share with us how you make use of them.
→Please refer to the "Testimonials" page for details on how to share.

W: 95 mm H: 148mm



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