Japanese Hanko Case & Ink Pad with usable zipper case,
Kobe Tartan,

stamp case you can be proud of and not be ashamed of!
Elegant tartan plaid in blue


This product is a case only. No stamp is included.

Selected as "Kobe City Hometown Tax Returns"!
Our product "Kobe Tartan stamp Case".

This is a popular item in our head office.
It is also sold here as a stamp-related item.

New "with special charm" is in stock.

We often use them as "gifts".
The "with special charm" is available only in our online store!

There are currently only a few types of charms available.
Ikari (silver, white) Kaji (silver), etc. Only a few of each type will be available.
If you have any requests, please write them in the remarks.
However, please understand that if we do not have what you want, we will use something else.
(*Please note that the sample may differ slightly from the original.)

Comes with a usable zipper case!

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Our original item "
Kobe Tartan" beautiful blue "stamp case" is

used by both men and women.

Now you don't have to be ashamed of who sees you! Now I have a stamp case I can be proud of!"
We have received many comments from our customers.

I used to be embarrassed to
use 100-yen ones, but now I am
not embarrassed to use them in public and they make me feel better.

We were also very particular about the "package" to create an image that can be used as it is.
There are times when you have to take your inkan to the city hall or ward office.
There are many opportunities to use your personal stamp together with your My Number card and so on.
The package comes with a convenient zipper case that allows you to take it out without removing it.

Similarly, credit cards, business cards, etc. can be placed in the case, so that you can take out with you what you want to take out with you.
It can also be used for storing important things at home.

Beautiful inside the lid too! stamp Case

Anyway, this beautiful fabric looked even nicer.
Not to mention the surface.
Beautiful even when the lid is open! This is such a stamp case.
Beautiful blue check pattern "Kobe Tartan" is suitable for both men and women.

The beautiful Kobe tartan fabric of "Banshuori" is used for the shape.

This case is designed to hold a standard size stamp (12mm in diameter).
It is convenient because it has a built-in red ink pad (with a lid).

This product is a case only. No stamp is included.

Kobe Tartan Royal Blue

The beautiful royal blue color of the Kobe Tartan tartan check pattern is also gorgeous.

This type of stamp case is easy to use,
and the beauty of the "Kobe Tartan" fabric is very beautiful.

-- About Kobe Tartan --

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Port of Kobe, Kobe Tartan was introduced as a symbolic pattern design for Kobe city.
The colours of this tartan plaid represent Kobe city: blue for the Port of Kobe, green for Mt. Rokko, red for the Port Tower and Kobe Bridge, and white for white-washed buildings and Kobe pearls-all special features for the city.

This tartan has been registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans (Reg. no.11042)

It is made of 'Banshuori' fabric in the original color of Kobe Tartan.

Banshuori is a thin, yarn-dyed fabric made of cotton.
Banshu-ori is a thin, yarn-dyed fabric made of cotton.
Banshu-ori is one of the traditional textiles from our local Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.
Banshu-ori has a history of about 230 years.
It has been loved by numerous global apparel brands.

Exclusive to our online store *Special charm

The charm is available in limited quantities.
The case has a hole in it, so we thought it would be cute if a charm was attached.
The charms have a "Kobe" image, with a marine/ocean theme.

We also handmade the round parts using the matching Kobe tartan fabric.
It can also be used as a necklace by replacing it with a long chain you have on hand.
Of course, it would also be cute as a bag charm.

We chose charms
that match the image and size of the sea in Kobe, such as anchors, shells, rudder charms, and pearls.

The charms will lift your spirits as they sway.

If you choose to wear it without the charm, only the ribbon will be attached.

Various items of "Kobe Tartan

Various items of "Kobe Tartan" are available at our main store and below.
You can also choose from a selection of bags on order.

Click here for "Kobe Tartan Items" at our main store.

Base: W: (outer diameter (maximum) approx. 9 x 3.2 cm (inside) up to 6 cm (length) x 1.2 mm (diameter), thickness (outer diameter (maximum) approx. 2 cm)
Kobe tartan fabric: Banshuori cotton yarn-dyed plain weave fabric 100% cotton, metal fittings frame, red ink, etc.



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