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For monthly schedules and checks

A sticker with an illustration of a cute little bird that can be used as a "calendar" to check monthly schedules.
Also for things you want to check every day as a "habit tracker".
Feel free to stamp on "sticky notes and memos" and check what you want to "habit".
It is a stamp that can be used for mini 6-hole size system notebook refills.

★If you choose the matching bird, grass, and acorn stamp as an option, you can get a little discount.
★The 2-tone marker (Kokuyo) is convenient and optional for checking by color.
There are 2 types of colors Please check the image.

★ "Number/Symbol Stamp" is now an option

With the bullet journal technique,
It's also cute and recommended to stamp on the start page (cover page) of the month in the schedule book.

・You can also use it cutely for the "system notebook mini 6 holes" that we sell (see image).

As a checklist at work or at home, of course,
We have heard that it is good for managing children's schedules.

It is a sticker of a cute little bird.
We carefully designed the handwritten natural and gentle touch.

Since it is a type that can be used for many years, you can paint cute colors or combine other stamps depending on the month. Please enjoy using it.

on your appointment checklist

To do list stamp of natural and cute hedgehog illustration

The "To Do List" stamp is
Write down things you have to do, schedules, goals, etc. and check them.

It's also good to use it as a memo instead.

In addition to the schedule book, feel free to stamp it on "sticky notes and memos" and stick it where you can see it.

It is an illustration stamp of a cute hedgehog, an acorn and a leaf.
We carefully designed the handwritten natural and gentle touch.

There is also a natural feeling that is a little different from other schedule stamps.
It is also a recommended stamp to enjoy with coloring.

Manage your child's schedule

As a checklist at work or at home, of course,
We have heard that it is good for managing children's schedules.
Parents and children can use it together for summer vacation, lessons, cram schools, and study schedule management!

Optional number/symbol stamp

You can combine Shachihata's "number/symbol stamp" with this schedule stamp.
*It is a connected stamp, but when combined with a schedule stamp, it is used one by one without connecting.
Click here for more information: Numeral/Symbol Connection Stamp Shachihata

It can be used in images like the one below.
Please select it as an option if you wish.
(3 types of numbers and symbols are set)

* You can also use it by entering the date in the to do list.

Great value stamp with a sense of size

The schedule stamp still has a sense of size.
The cost of making a stamp varies depending on the size.
However, since the calendar function and the illustration of a small bird are included in the set, this alone has a strong presence and can be said to be a great value stamp.

Perfect size for 75mm square sticky notes and memos

It is perfect for sticky notes and memos of 75mm square,
We also recommend adding matching animal stamps to the top and bottom of rectangular (75 x 100mm) sticky notes and memos.

Please enjoy using it as you like.

Enjoy combining with other stamps

Recommended combination stamps and items

Other stamps are designed in the same series, so you can enjoy various combinations.
In addition to monthly schedule stamps, we also have weekly stamps and To Do Lists.
Please enjoy the small cute stamps with rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, four-leaf clovers, stumps, grass, and acorns.

The appeal of stamps and the commitment to design

★Even if you can't draw a picture, you can instantly get "cute" stamps!
And it is attractive that it can be used repeatedly

★Illustrated by my sister who is a graphic designer, and the shop owner who is a web designer is doing product planning and design.
Items carefully designed with a natural and gentle handwritten touch.

Anyway, if there was a "cute schedule stamp"
We have planned a product that allows you to keep your notebook fun and enjoy sticky notes and memos.

Ink pad cleaner together

There is also an "ink pad" in a color that matches the image of the stamp.
"Cleaner" is also an indispensable item for cleaning stamps.
Please join us.

→ Click here for a list of ink pads and cleaners

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"







  • スタンプの商用利用は不可とさせていただいておりますが、詳しくは→商用利用についてをご確認下さい。


  • スタンプは、インクが乾くまえに水を含ませたティッシュで簡単に拭き取って下さい。
  • 印面ゴムの劣化や木の日焼けを防ぐため、直射日光と高温多湿を避けて保管下さい。
  • 木目の柄や色は個体差があります。ご了承下さい。
  • 木の側面には当店ロゴの焼印を押しております。手作業になりますので、色が濃い目の場合・薄めの場合や、時により柄の一部が焼印されないようなこともございますのでご了承下さい。

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