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Completed product Pen case with flap Rabbit embroidery

"Pen case with flap" with embroidered rabbit fabric This is the finished product.

Limited quantity:
We had you make a reservation for a limited quantity before,
Only a few points will be sold as-is.
Currently in production on 2/16.
We will accept your reservation.

*Currently, the delivery is quite crowded.
It may take a week or so before shipping.
Thank you for your understanding.

*There are currently no plans to resell this product.

↓ We only sell items that are in stock.
(Only a few points each for pink and light blue 2 handles)

→Ekuryu Forest Instagram
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The rabbit has the same pattern as our popular stamp!
Original data is created with "machine embroidery" and embroidered with a commercial embroidery machine.
Such an embroidered pen case.

→ " Material kit containing embroidery material " → " Paper pattern " is also available.
If it is handmade, please make it by all means.
Also, if you wish, please bring the actual item with you.

Pen case with plenty of space can also be used as an accessory case

The pouch has a large capacity, so it can be used to store markers and many pens.
Also, I wonder if it's good to have a glove compartment.
Depending on the case, smartphones are also included, but I think it depends on the finished size and smartphone size.

Since the pattern is the same as the stamp, I thought it would be nice to have a stationery that can be used together with the stamped notebook, notebook, and sticky notes, so I made a pen case.

It can also be used as a pouch that you can take with you when you go out, so you can pick it up and relax.

Embroidered rabbit!

Isn't it exciting to see embroidery with the same pattern as the stamp?
Nice to have! shaped.

This time, it's Usagi, who is also an icon on Instagram.
It is a very popular product for stamps. I made it into data with machine embroidery and shaped it.
I thought it would be nice to have a cute rabbit and it's embroidered.

A few years have passed since I started "machine embroidery".
The embroidered material gives you a sense of luxury and originality.
I have a commercial embroidery sewing machine (Tajima Aya).
We have also introduced professional embroidery data creation software.
It is very difficult to create embroidery data, but I would like to use it for further product development in the future.

I would like to deliver such attractive items that can only be obtained here.

The cuteness of the lid is made with fine work

The pouch with the lid is cute. However, it is surprisingly difficult to design.
With cute embroidery, even a simple form looks great.

"Lid edging" makes the cute arch-shaped tape look cute.
It's a small thing, but it makes a very cute treat.

We thought it would be nice if there was a cute way to decorate the border, and this is the method that we have been using for many years in the production of our products.
It's a very detailed work, so I think you can feel the goodness of handmade.

2 patterns of colors and handles

  • In the case of actual product sales, the front of the main unit will be switched.
  • You can choose from pink and blue colors.
  • You can choose from 1 handle or 2 handles.

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