Pop-up card with glitter ★ Great for birthdays, Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, births, anniversaries, and celebrations
Rabbit Hydrangea Bluebell Lily of the valley Forest


A pop-up card that matches the Hiyokkori Index is now available. When you open the card, the popular rabbit from the stamp will peek out. It would be great for birthdays, Mother's Day, school entrance and graduation celebrations, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries. The cute and gorgeous cards with sparkling glitter are hand-processed.


★This item is scheduled to be made to order.

The glitter effect and pop-up card mechanisms are made by hand.
Please make your reservation early as we will be producing them in bulk.

I'm trying not to keep you waiting as much as possible,
It will take some time.
(It will take a few days, but in some cases it may take around a week)
If you are in a hurry, please contact us.


Other patterns and new products are available on a separate page.

Limited gift available only for first-time customers!

Eligible: Purchases of 4,000 yen or more including new releases (2 types of letter sets, 2 types of address labels,
Pop-up card)

The limited edition
gift is an address label for outlet items.
While stocks last

Two types of straps : Restock
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What's included in the pop-up card?

  • Pop-up card: 1
  • Envelope: 1 (light pink envelope)

Why not add a message to your card? We also have stickers and stamps that you can mix and match to make your own.

My first pop-up card

I've always wanted to make pop-up cards into a product, and now it's finally come to fruition.
This is the first time we have planned this project, with the hope that people will enjoy not only stamps but also items with these kinds of illustrations.

The popular system planner's "Hyokkori Index" has been arranged into a pop-up card.
A more glamorous upgrade.

When you open the card, the familiar rabbit from the stamp peeks out.
We also considered various ways in which it would pop up.

Pop-up card design

The big bunny that was so popular in Hyokkori Index has been made even bigger!
A big bunny on the cover. A rare shot of its back on the back cover.

The rabbits and flowers are all based on illustrations that have been made into stamps.
A small flower bouquet is attached to the cover in a slightly three-dimensional way and finished with organza ribbon.

The inside of the card features a gorgeous scene from the "Flower Festival Series."
Bluebells are the image flower of Ekuryu Forest. Lily of the valley is also cute.
This time, I wanted to use hydrangea as a motif.
I previously introduced on Instagram how you can create a hydrangea by combining stamps with the `` Small Stamp Set .''
I illustrated it with hydrangeas and gorgeous hydrangeas.
We've also added cute motifs of chatter and sparkles.

Sparkling glitter processing

The glittery glitter finish looks great!
It was the same with Index. Sparkles go well with glamorous scenes.

This item has been applied by hand with a brush, one by one, so please be aware that the finished product may vary slightly.

The final touch was the addition of a twinkle star motif around the edge of the card.
Does it look more sparkly?

There is also glitter on the flower part on the inside of the card.

Include this gorgeous card in a letter to a special someone.
I hope you're happy with it.
Of course, it would also be cute to display it for yourself.

It might also be interesting to add glitter to stamps in the same way.

↓A video I introduced on Instagram the other day.
*After this, star illustrations were added around the edges,
It has been made more gorgeous.
The video is from the previous stage.

Other patterns and items are available on separate pages.

Along with the pop-up cards, we also made our first "letter set."

Share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
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Stays On Midi: 58 x 58 x 20mm, Stays On: 99 x 68 x 19mm
Ribbon: Organdy (100% polyester), Paper: Postcard size (148mm x 100mm) approximately 0.24mm (thicker than official postcards)



Remarks here.

Please note that the glitter may come off slightly when rubbed. Also, the color of the glitter may change from time to time. remarks here remarks here remarks here

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