Tri-fold original printed fabric ★ frill [system notebook mini 6 holes]
With schedule book and refill mini grid notebook
Handmade rabbit, small bird, squirrel, hedgehog


Mini 6-hole size notebook: Cute natural animal patterns of rabbits and hedgehogs are made of original printed fabric.
Matching refills and straps are also available as options. Refills can also be used for double-sided full-color fountain pens. Comes with mini grid notebook

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Please check out the video introduction on Instagram.

★Very small amount in stock

* This is the "Print Pattern System Notebook"
This is the page.

★→ If you use"Hyokkori Animal Index" together,
We are offering glitter processing only now, and it will end as soon as the system notebook runs out.

*All items are handmade one by one.
If it is out of stock, it will take quite a while.
(1 to 1.5 months until completion, etc.)

*We will continue to sell the same product for a while after that, but the same product will not be able to continue and will be discontinued.
*Materials used are subject to change.

A system notebook that is both cute and convenient

Even if you have a busy day, you can improve your mood with a cute notebook!
The matching refills have all been redesigned to match.

The design is "tri-fold type"

The ``tri-fold'' type has a cute design with ``frills.'' The frills fit in cutely because they are tri-folded. I had a lot of trouble deciding on this specification. Improve your mood with a cute notebook!
The cute "frill rubber band" keeps it neatly in place for a sense of security. Easy to carry in your bag.

Unlike A6 notebook covers, system notebooks have a hard core inside the cover. The ring fittings are larger than before and can hold more refills. The system notebook has a pen holder attached to the inside of the frill.

The size is "mini 6 holes"

The ``Mini 6 hole'' notebook is small in size and easy to carry in your bag. The ring has a standard size of 6 mini holes and can be replaced with refills.

The ring diameter is 15mm and can store more refills than before.

★Currently includes 1 mini grid notebook

Designs from the popular "Flower Festival Series" stamps can also be used in notebooks. A cute scene where the rabbits are holding balloons that match the stamp storage can. Small birds, squirrels, hedgehogs, natural and gentle illustrations of Ekuryu forest animals.

Rabbits made of printed fabric

I finally decided to print the stamp design onto fabric. We have been selling fabric products at our other store for over 10 years, so we also carry cute items at Ekuryu no Mori. The fabric is a natural cotton linen material.

Each piece is handmade as well. For the first time, there is a trial price. Since it is a tri-fold type and has some decoration, I think it is cheaper than usual.
Embroidery version “System Notebook” also available

Can also be used as a daily record or memo

The appeal of a system planner is that you can enjoy refilling it in a variety of ways.If you don't get into the habit of using a planner, it's hard to keep up with it, but the mini 6-hole size system notebook is small and can be fun to use for recording and taking notes . for example··

  • For handmade production schedules and records.
  • Schedule and record Instagram posts
  • For recording diet, exercise, and meal contents

I hope you enjoy recording your daily life.

Matching refills too

★Matching "refill set" is optional
There is a slight discount if you use it with a notebook.

Perfect for those who don't have enough taste to decorate their notebooks. Cute refills that you just fill out.

Paper that is slightly thicker than copy paper and resistant to set-off . Several people have commented that it is easy to write on with fountain pens and does not bleed through . Beautiful double-sided printing.

Total of 59 refills

The following contents are set. Memos are bigger and more complete than before!

  • "Monthly Calendar"
    : 14 months + front cover + back cover, total 15 sheets
  • "Weekly Weekly Calendar"
    :13 months total 30 sheets
  • 7 types of "memo pads" (14 types with different colors and patterns on both sides) x 2 sheets each
    :Total 14 pieces

For details, see each details page
→[Click here for notebook accessories and refills]

*From usage in November 2023
From the beginning, we reviewed printing companies and methods,
We have revised the price to make it more affordable.

Also utilize “number/symbol stamps”

"Number/Symbol Stamp" made by Shachihata <br>The "Number/Symbol Stamp" can now be used in the number column of the refill. We have been hearing from people for some time that they are concerned that their handwritten letters are not aligned. Stamping both monthly and weekly calendars is beautiful.

→Click here for "Number/Symbol Stamp"

*These stamps can be linked together, but like schedule stamps, each stamp is used individually.

“Mini notes and stickers” inside

A "mini grid notebook" fits perfectly in the right inner pocket. In fact, this is where I came up with the product plan for the mini grid notebook! What do you write in combination with your main notebook?

*The system notebook currently comes with a "mini grid notebook". Another pattern is optional

index and animal stickers

Coordinated with notebooks and refills
"Index stickers" and "transparent animal stickers"

The index sticker is finally realized this time. You can put it in any pocket inside your notebook.

“Index stickers/transparent animal stickers”
“Seals and miscellaneous goods”

The straps and charms are cute too.

The system notebook has a hole for attaching a strap. Matching “Strap Rabbit Charm” is also available.

Introducing videos on Instagram

In addition to this, we also introduce refills, so please check them out.

Notebook covers and book covers too

We have also newly released matching notebook covers and book covers.A notebook is also good for managing different contents than a system notebook.

→[Click here for list of notebook accessories and stationery]

There is also a matching “stamp”

→[Click here for stamp list]

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

Notebook (when folded) W: 140 mm H: 170 mm (unfolded) W: 400 mm H: 170 mm Refill: W: 80 mm H: 128 mm
Notebook: cotton linen, cotton, etc., refill: paper



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+ refill set:
+ mini grid notebook:
+ strap & rabbit charm:

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