Mini square notebook, section note,paperback, A6 size, two types, also for system notebooks and notebook covers Balloon rabbit, flower festival series, four-leaf clover, square notebook, matching notebook, rabbit, droopy-eared rabbit, small bird, squirrel


Mini grid notebook is now available for the first time!

A6: Paperback size mini notebook.
There are two types.
(The cover is different, but the contents are the same)

Inside is a 5mm grid notebook. 16 sheets, 36 pages.
We also printed animal patterns inside.

Perfect for system notebooks and notebook cover pockets!

In the first place, we designed this mini graph notebook because we wanted to put it in the inner pocket of a system planner or notebook cover.
It's a cute notebook that's the perfect size.

What do you write?

What do you write in combination with your main notebook?
Can also be used as a daily diary or as a habit tracker.
It's also good to put stickers on it.
Please let me know how to use it!
Please also refer to the sample images.

balloon rabbit version

★This is a special edition with a shiny, shiny cover!
Usagi-chan and floppy-eared rabbits from the Hanamatsuri series

Designed to be enjoyed peacefully in the forest.
Also matches the stamp storage can!

four leaf clover version

This one doesn't have any glitter on the surface, but it has a nice glossy finish.

Two rabbits are holding a four-leaf clover.
And next to it is a bluebell, an image flower of Ekuryu Forest.
This is a slightly different type from the pictures in the Hanamatsuri series.

Hanamatsuri series goods

It has the same pattern as the stamp.
From cute storage cans and stickers to notebooks and refills!
This is a series that includes a variety of goods.

“Click here for the Flower Festival Series”

Matching “system notebook/refills” and “stamps” are also available.

→[Click here for list of notebook accessories and stationery]

→[Click here for the stamp list]

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

W: 95 mm H: 148mm



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