Letter set: Flower Festival series For letters: Stationery, envelopes, address stickers Rabbit, droopy-eared rabbit, hydrangea, bluebell, lily of the valley, forest scenery, also for diary decoration, animals, birds, deer


A letter set from the Flower Festival series. It features two rabbits, one with standing ears and one with drooping ears, and a forest filled with bluebells, hydrangeas, and lilies of the valley. It is designed to look cute even when placed in an envelope made of tracing paper. The fantastic purple color is beautiful and perfect for letters to loved ones. It can also be used to decorate your diary.


Other patterns and new products are available on a separate page.

Limited gift available only for first-time customers!

Eligible: Purchases of 4,000 yen or more including new releases (2 types of letter sets, 2 types of address labels,
Pop-up card)

The limited edition gift is an address label for outlet items.
The final design or size may differ.
We have a lot of outlet items, including some with small margins, so we will be giving them away as gifts.
It is a product that can be used without any problems.
While stocks last

Two types of straps : Restock
Please also consider purchasing leather key chains and other items.

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What's included in the letter set?

  • Letter paper: 9 sheets (Flower Festival series)
  • Envelopes: 3 sheets (tracing paper material)
  • Address labels: 3 sheets

Letter set: Flower Festival series For letters: Stationery, envelopes, address stickers Rabbits, droopy-eared rabbits, hydrangeas, bluebells, lily of the valley, forest scenery, also for decorating your diary, animals, birds, deer

Other patterns (Ekuryu no Mori series patterns) are also available.
In addition, if you would like more letter paper or address stickers with patterns, we also sell stickers and stamps that you can combine together on a separate page.

We also thought of date stamps and frame stickers as items that people can enjoy.
Please mix and match them together and enjoy them together.

My first letter set

We planned our first letter set with the hope that people would enjoy not only the stamps but also items with illustrations like these.
Of course, the stamps have the same pattern.

The letter paper looks cute both ways, either folded in half or placed in a translucent envelope.
It was designed to be cute when combined with frame stickers and other items.
Please use them together. Combine them with a date stamp too.

The envelope is made of tracing paper and is translucent.
It's really stylish how the letter paper inside can be seen faintly.
I really wanted to use this envelope, so I checked how it would look while designing it.

The writing paper is similar to that used in system organizer refills and is thicker than copy paper.
You can also use it with a fountain pen.

Flower Festival Series: Hydrangeas, Bluebells, Lily of the valley

The Flower Festival series depicts forest scenes with gorgeous flowers in bloom.
Of course, there are bluebells, the image flower of Ekuryu Forest, but also lily of the valley.
And this time I wanted to use hydrangea as a motif.
You can create a hydrangea by using a small stamp set.
I added the same hydrangea as a motif.

Combine with a square date stamp

The Flower Festival series, in particular the "square date stamp," is themed around letters.
Have fun combining them with letter sets too.

The purple gradation turned out very beautifully.
The interior is also beautifully finished, with a particularly lovely colour scheme and atmosphere.
Enjoy writing your letter while being soothed by the cute illustrations.

Address stickers with illustrations Labels: For letters > For envelopes Rabbits Hydrangeas Bluebells Lily of the valley Forest scenery Animals

A lovely forest scene with a beautiful purple gradation on both sides.

Address stickers labels

The address labels are a little small as they are sized to match this letter set.
(A size that will not hide the transparent letter paper pattern)
The label is square, but you can cut the corners with scissors to match the frame design and arrange it to your liking.

The separately sold "address stickers" are
There are also slightly larger ones with illustrations.
You can also use this if you need extra address labels.

Click here for "Address labels with illustrations"

Use the letter paper to decorate your planner

It would also be nice to use the letter paper to decorate your planner.
Please cut and paste and have fun using it.
I would be happy if you could use it for decoration, so please let me know.

Other patterns and items are available on separate pages.

I also made letter sets in other designs.
In the sample, date stamps, stickers, etc. are used on the envelopes.

Letter sets: For writing letters: stationery, envelopes, address labels Rabbits, droopy-eared rabbits, hydrangeas, bluebells, lily of the valley, forest scenery, also for decorating your diary, animals, birds, deer, squirrels and hedgehogs, animals, four-leaf clovers

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    Stays On Midi: 58 x 58 x 20mm, Stays On: 99 x 68 x 19mm
    Ribbon: Organdy (100% polyester), Paper: Postcard size (148mm x 100mm) approximately 0.24mm (thicker than official postcards)



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    The letter paper is printed by a professional printer and has a very beautiful finish. remarks here remarks here remarks here

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