Recipe included: Material kit ★ Flower stamps for wreaths and calendar frames New arrivals: 2 types of ink Stays On
+ Organza ribbon or paper
Lily of the valley, bluebells, daisies, and rabbit stamps for cards and wall decorations


Turn flower stamps into cute shapes with round wreaths or square frames!
Recipe gift! Ink, ribbon, and paper material kit set.
The optional flower stamp set is a great deal. You
can create your own original calendar by wrapping it with organdy ribbon, attach it to a message card, or decorate it on the wall like a mobile for interior decoration.

We are also accepting reservations for the materials introduced on Instagram.
``Ink'' is available by reservation in colors and types that have not been sold before.

The ribbon is made of organdy and comes in several types.
It looks great on wreaths and framed pieces.


★Options and carts
It's at the bottom of the page ↓↓

What's included in the set?

  • Two new stamp ink items
    (Stayz On's Eden Green, Stay's On Midi's Blue Hawaii)
  • 7 colors of organdy ribbon, 2m of each color, 14m in total!
    Surprisingly, you need a lot of length to tie the ribbon, so I put a lot of it (white, light pink, purple, light blue, blue, light green, red).
  • 20 sheets of paper material
    (postcard size)
    These are thicker than official postcards and are the ones we always use at our store.
  • Recipe gift for how to make a calendar!
    How to make an original calendar at our store

    Both the frame part and the calendar part can be easily removed, and there is a lot of useful content for making wreaths! There are 3 pages full of tips and ideas, so please use them as a reference!

★The optional “Flower Stamp Set” is even more affordable!
★Calendar stamps and small yellow-green ink are also available as options.

Two new ink types recommended for flower stamps

Actually, I've been secretly using it a lot!
Because I wasn't selling it.
After all, it gives a nice finish, so I would like to recommend it.
This time, we are accepting reservations for a set of newly arrived ink.

For the “leaves” of lily of the valley and bluebells

Tsukineko "Stays On" Eden Green *This is a slightly larger rectangular ink pad, not the normally sold Stays On Midi.
The type of ink is the same as Midi.

A very fresh green.
This color is unique to this type and has not been sold so far, but it is still a very nice color! I decided to stock a small amount.
It's a green that looks fresh on flower stamps.

*The green sample stamped on the date stamp box is this ink.

About ink

stays on,
Stays on Midi (square)

This is the ink we use most often at our store.
The delicate lines will look beautiful.
Our stamps have very thin lines, so this ink produces clean lines.
However, the ink tends to bleed through, so it is not suitable for notebooks, etc.
Recommended for cards. It would be a good idea to stamp it on a separate sheet of paper and cut it out in your notebook.

Versa Magic Dew Drop (drop type)

Ink with a cute droplet shape.
This one comes in a variety of colors and is fun to choose from.
Although it doesn't produce as delicate lines as Stays On, it is useful for preventing bleed-through on thin paper such as notebooks.

★Recipe included!

This is how to make an original calendar at our store.
Both the frame and calendar parts can be easily removed.
Lots of useful content for making wreaths! 3 pages packed.

There are various points, so please refer to them.

organdy ribbon

It would be wonderful if you wrap a soft organdy ribbon over the wreath or square frame you made!

This one also looks great on me, so I would like to recommend it and have it in stock.
All the colors are lovely, so this set includes all 7 colors.
Thin organdy ribbon with a width of 7mm: 2m of each color

white, light pink, purple, light blue, blue, light green, red
*The blue color is darker than that used in some samples.

A very useful organdy ribbon.
It's also nice to use two colors together.

It would be great to add to a present, or just hang on the wall!

Paper materials too

This is postcard size paper.
They are thicker and more sturdy than official postcards, and we often use them for stamps at our store. This is what I used this time as well.
I stamped it, cut it, and glued it together.

Postcard size x 20 sheets

Stamps are on a separate page

Flower stamps are available on separate pages, so please add them to your cart.
★The 3-piece flower set is really useful and recommended.

→Flower stamps, trees, etc. are from the “Flower Festival Series”

The flower festival series is
Anyway, it is a very easy-to-use series, and we use it the most at our store.
If you bring a set, you can enjoy various combinations because they all match your taste.

→Flower Festival Series Full Set

The new "date stamp" is also part of the Hanamatsuri series.
Lily of the valley and bluebell flowers and rabbits are talking.

→Date stamp with a letter theme

There are 3 types of schedule stamps, so be sure to get a set.

How to stamp “Lily of the Valley”

Add changes with gradation.
It's a gradation of several colors.

Stays on Midi #65 Blue Hawaii

This blue is a gorgeous light blue like no other and is useful.
I used Stays On's Eden Green and gradation on the lily of the valley flower part!
It is a very beautiful bright light blue color that goes well with the green of the leaves above.
The gradation becomes very beautiful.

For lily of the valley flowers,
We also use the small drop-shaped "Versa Magic Dew Drops" in yellow-green (tea leaves) to create a gradation.
↑This is also an option if you like.

There are several types available, including those with light blue, yellow-green, and only green.
When making wreaths or square frames, I use pieces of the same color next to each other.

Anyway, stamping lily of the valley with this combination turned out to be very beautiful!
I highly recommend it and am now accepting reservations.

How to stamp “Bluebell”

For bluebell flowers,
I used the purple “Stays on Midi” that I have been using for a while.
Vibrant violet (purple)

The leaves are
The newly arrived Stays On Eden Green mentioned above is fresh and fresh.
I also used Stays on Midi's olive green.
This has a calm and chic atmosphere with tones.
Both greens are used in the sample.

The bluebell stamp is
I applied ink and stamped the flowers and leaves separately.
It may be a little difficult to apply different types of ink, but please practice and get the hang of it.

How to stamp “Daisy”

The purple and cherry pink of “Stays on Midi” are also used in the gradation.
I also use the engine from Versa Magic Dew Drop.

In the past, I often differentiated the leaves by making them green, but this time I didn't.
This seems like a good way to use it when making a wreath or square shape.
The colors will be more vibrant.

Calendar stamp in square frame

For those who have a square shape
I used calendar stamps.
Please select this option as well.

This turned out really cute.
An original calendar that will make you look forward to every month!
You can have a lot of fun by changing the color and pattern of the frame every month or decorating by connecting several months vertically.

Inks other than new colors are available on the following page.

→Click here for Versa Magic Dew Drop

→Click here for Stays on Midi

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→For information on how to share, please see the “Customer Feedback Page”

Stays On Midi: 58 x 58 x 20mm, Stays On: 99 x 68 x 19mm
Ribbon: Organdy (100% polyester), Paper: Postcard size (148mm x 100mm) approximately 0.24mm (thicker than official postcards)



Remarks here.

remarks here remarks here remarks here

+Flower stamp set:
+Calendar stamp:
+Small ink (yellow green) also:

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