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Materials kit (patterns are on a separate page)

Material kit with rabbit embroidery fabric A set of materials that can be used to make a ``pen case with flap''

*The same material may not always be available in the future.
It may end while supplies last. Please come early if you wish.

★This item is currently in stock. Available for immediate delivery!
*Some materials may be ordered depending on the timing.

★Please post on Instagram

Please post the works you made with the kit on Instagram!

・Mention our store @ecruforest
・Please post with the hashtag #ecruforest.
I would like to introduce you.

→Ekuryu no Mori Instagram

The rabbit has the same pattern as our popular stamp!
Original data is created using "machine embroidery" and embroidered using a commercial embroidery machine.
A set of materials including embroidered fabric.

*→The " pattern" is on a separate page , so please add it to your cart.

The pattern is on a separate page so that you can use more than one kit.
*For kits with 2 or more items, delivery will be by Letter Pack Plus.

What's included in the kit

Contains the same material as the sample.
Detailed sizes and contents are listed in the recipe attached to the pattern.
Please choose the color as an option.

One kit allows you to make one pencil case with a flap.

Available in 2 colors, each with the same content as the sample.

-For the front of the main body, either version with or without switching can be produced.
・It is possible to use either 1 handle or 2 handles.

We select a variety of materials with careful attention to color matching.
Our items, even small items, are often made from a combination of many different materials, and we have a good reputation for our combinations of colors and materials.

However, it is quite difficult to gather the necessary materials that perfectly match the colors and images. That's why there aren't many kits that use so many different materials...
Each material is sold at different stores online, so it costs a lot of shipping to get all the items.
If you think about it, the kit will be easy to use without any hesitation! A convenient item that has everything.

Adhesive interlining plays an important role in fabric items, but choosing the correct interlining can be very difficult. The recipe also explains in detail about such adhesive interlining.
The kit includes the core that we actually use to create our products.

* Depending on the case, the color and material may change slightly or be made of a different material.
The following contents will be included.

  • Linen material with rabbit embroidery for lid approx. 20 x 10 cm x 2 pieces
    (Embroidery thread is pink: brown, blue: navy)
  • Outer fabric gingham check pattern thin cotton approx. 40 x 20 cm
    (either pink or light blue)
  • Outer material plain linen Approximately 10×15cm
    (Central part when switching the front of the main unit)
    (Pink color is salmon pink, blue color is white fabric)
  • Inner fabric nylon (beige) approx. 40 x 15 cm
  • Interlining medium thickness Approximately 40×30cm
  • Interlining thin Approximately 35×30cm
  • Spider web sheet approx. 40 x 20 cm
  • Slicer core thin approx. 20 x 30 cm
  • Lace (white, saxophone blue) approx. 25cm
  • Grosgrain ribbon (either dull pink or saxophone blue) width 6mm approx. 4.5cm x 2 pieces
  • Mountain road tape (dull pink, ivory or white ) width 1mm approx. 40cm
  • D-ring 12mm x 2 pieces
  • Eggplant mini size approximately 1cm wide x 2 pieces *The type may be different from the image.
  • Velcro width 2.5cm x 4.5cm

*The "caulking" used at the end of the handle in the sample is not included.
If you have the installation tools, you can easily sew it in place to make it more durable. I think the size should be medium to small.
If you don't have it, the recipe will show you how to sew it with a sewing machine.

Support those who love handmade products!

This is the first time that Ekuryu no Mori has introduced such items.
Our other online shop has been selling original designed cloth items, mainly bags and accessories, for over 10 years since 2011.
We have focused on creating products that have a solid finish and a sense of luxury, rather than cheap handmade items.
We have delivered hundreds of products so far, so we would like to share with you our commitment to product production and professional know-how in this form.

  • Those who want to create products with a higher-grade finish and design
  • If you are a handmade artist who already sells items, but would like to make more cute items.
  • I would like to try selling products, but what is the difference between making products as a hobby? People who think like that
  • People who are particular about making something neat and cute are the ones who want to make it for themselves.

I hope to be able to deliver this to such people.

We will also tell you what is important in "creating products to sell."
We hope that by expanding to other items in the future, you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills, so it is perfect for those who are just starting out.

Making use of machine embroidery

Isn't it exciting to have embroidery with the same pattern as the stamp?
It would be nice if there was one! I gave it shape.

It's been several years since I started ``machine embroidery''.
Embroidered materials have a sense of luxury and originality.
Machine embroidery also uses cross stitch, so it may be possible to use such materials in the future.

I own a commercial embroidery machine (Aya Tajima)
We have also introduced professional embroidery data creation software.
Creating embroidery data is extremely difficult, but we would like to use it even more for product development in the future.

We hope to deliver such attractive items that can only be obtained here.

Regarding commercial use/Notes

  • It is possible to sell works using kits and patterns.
    However, please be sure to clearly indicate that you are using Ekuryu no Mori's pattern paper, and to let us know in advance.
    Please refrain from selling without permission.
  • You may use the embroidery material included in the kit for works other than samples, but please do the same as above.
  • When posting on Instagram, please include a mention of our store and a hashtag as shown below.
    #ecruforest #ecruforest
  • We would like to introduce and support artists who are able to sell their works on Instagram, etc., and we would be happy if you could actively communicate with our store.

About design copyright

  • The copyright of the design belongs to Ekuryu no Mori.
  • All of our designs, including stamps and embroidery, are original.
    Copying designs, embroidering original designs (including hand embroidery and machine embroidery), and creating pictures using methods other than embroidery are also prohibited.
    Thank you for your understanding regarding the copyright of the design.

Handmade items are also on sale at our sister store Ecru

Patterns and kits are also on sale at our sister store Ecru.
This is a shop that has been selling cloth items for many years.

etc. are on sale.
Please take a look

Ekuryu no Mori Ecru handmade embroidery kit with pattern recipe

→Sister store “Ecru”
Click here for handmade items

Ecru handmade pattern recipe kit


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