【key case】
Moist material matching goods
Rabbit, small bird, squirrel, hedgehog


A key case with a moist texture

It is a wonderful key case that feels luxurious with a moist material like suede.
The PU leather material has a vintage feel, so you can enjoy a slightly different atmosphere.

Rabbits, small birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs The natural and gentle illustrations are animals from the Ekuryu Forest.

2 colors available

There are two colors,
Brown is a slightly gorgeous camel-based brown pink, which is a relatively gorgeous and cute shade.
It's a color that has good color development, so it's an item that you can look forward to using.

Ease of use

With a zipper closure, you don't have to worry about your keys falling out.
It comes with an eggplant hook for durability, so you can attach it to the metal fittings of your bag or the belt of your pants.

There are 3 pockets inside the key case and a pocket for cards on the outside.
In addition, as shown in the image, the metal fittings inside have 1 point

6 keys can be stored.
As shown in one photo, it comes with a long chain and metal fittings with a crab clasp.
It is removable, so it is convenient for attaching a bicycle key.

It's pocket size, so it's convenient to put it in your bag without being too big.

Ready to ship

Only a very small amount has arrived.

*Such items may be discontinued without notice by the manufacturer.
For that reason, it is undecided whether we will continue to develop exactly the same products in the future.
If you notice it, it may be out of print.

* The matching system notebook has actually been discontinued, so the current stock is limited.
If you wish, please join us.

Friendly illustrations of rabbits and animals

It is a gentle illustration that will make you feel better.
Rabbits, hedgehogs, squirrels and small birds are animals that live in the Ekuryu forest.
The following characters are designed in French.
"Welcome to Ekuryu Forest and have a good time with our friends."

It is also recommended for those who like rabbit goods and rabbit miscellaneous goods.
As it is matching with other items, you can enjoy it together.

Matching items

You can enjoy it with a series of matching patterns.

→ "System notebooks, refills and other cute goods"

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"

PU leather, printing method: UV inkjet printing



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