flower festival series
rabbit floppy eared rabbit bluebell lily of the valley


Flower festival series illustrations “postcards and stickers”

flower festival series

This is the second series of Ekuryu no Mori.
A floppy-eared rabbit also appears!
The rabbits are wearing matching clover flower crowns.
It's a fun season when bluebells, lilies of the valley, and daisies bloom in the forest.
Deer, small birds, and other forest animals are enjoying the gorgeous season.
A cute and natural design that can be combined with various combinations.

Colored with a watercolor touch on an iPad.
The design combines Ekuryu Forest's image flowers such as bluebells and lily of the valley.
You will be soothed by the peaceful and peaceful atmosphere of the forest filled with animals.

About postcards and stickers

This is 1 each of the matching ``postcards and stickers'' from the ``Hana Matsuri Series'' stamps.

It is included with the stamp set, but
if you would like it in addition to the set, or if you would like it in addition, please select it together with the stamp.

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Along with the stamp

Our stamps are stamps that you can enjoy combining.
To make it easier for you to choose as many stamps as possible, we offer sets at a greater discount than individual stamps.

Please also choose ``postcards and stickers.''
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The charm of stamps and the attention to detail in their designs

★Even if you can't draw, you can get cute stamps in an instant! And the appeal is that you can use it over and over again.

★My sister, who is a graphic designer, does the illustrations, and the shop owner, who is a web designer, does the product planning and design.
Items carefully designed with hand-painted natural and gentle touches.

Please check the details of each stamp on each page.
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Box (large) W18.5 H20 D2.8cm, clear box W23 H13 D2.8cm
Stamp: rubber, wood



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Customer Reviews

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stamp set

I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard that it would be commercialized.
I didn't expect to have so many stamps, but they are cute and I like them, so I chose a stamp set, 6 recommended ink options + 1 ink.

User picture

Thank you for your feedback!
Thank you very much for looking forward to it.
at last··! Thank you very much for your patience with the commercialization of.
I would be happy if you could enjoy various things.
I barely got 7 inks.
I think it's difficult to put it in like a puzzle ^^
Also, I would be happy if you could show me the stamps.

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