Order wIth Rubber Stamps Free with Download material: Bluebell Blooming ecru forest "Design Painting".
For coloring in

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Enjoy with stamps and "coloring book".

Rabbits, squirrels, birds, hedgehogs, and
Ekurimyu's forest friends live in the landscape, drawn on an iPad.

These animals live in a forest where "bluebells" are in full bloom.
Please enjoy stamping and coloring the image of such a forest.

Please refer to the image of the forest as well!

The image of the forest shows bluebells blooming in a French forest.
It was taken by my sister who designed the character for the ecru forest.

I drew the forest picture on my iPad, inspired by the scenery in this picture.

Please refer to the image for how to stamp.

Please feel free to stamp and enjoy.
As an example, we have included a colored finished image on the top half.
The sample was stamped with brown ink
( Versamagic #52 Jumbo Jabba (brown)),
painted with watercolor pencils, and then a watercolor touch was added with a water brush.

The stamping method is also shown in the picture for your reference.

A gift with the use of the "Stamp Set*".

When you purchase the "Stamp Set", you will receive

will receive a printout of the
bluebells blooming in the Ekurinomori forest "design drawing " on this page to enjoy as a background for your stamp

! (A4 size)
Please add them to the cart together.

The following "stamp sets" are available as pre-printed gifts

*The gift items are not printed, but printed by a printer.

Other than the above
If ordered with rubber stamps,
you can be downloaded free of charge.

Available for download when you select the option and order together.

*There is a charge for downloading only.
Please select an option.

★Files are available for download, so please enjoy as many as you like.
(You are to print the files by yourself, at a convenience store or printer.)

*The downloadable materials on this page
are "A4" single-sided color prints.
If you are going to print online at a convenience store, it is best to use that content.

We hope you will enjoy changing the contents to be stamped,
changing the colors, and having

fun with your children as well.

Please share!

Other downloadable materials are also available.

→Click here for downloadable materials.

See each page for details of stamps

For more details, please refer to the detail page of each stamp.

→ Click here for the stamp list page.

Ink pads and cleaners are also available.

We also have "ink pads" in colors that match the image of the stamp.
The "Cleaner" is also an indispensable item for taking care of your stamps.
Please bring them with you.

→ Click here for a list of ink pads and cleaners

Please share with us how you make use of it!

Please share with us how you make use of them.
→Please visit our "Testimonials" page to find out how to share.


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