Cover page: March 2022 Download material: System Notebook Refill Mini 6-hole

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System notebook refills are now available printed on paper.

Click here for system notebook and notebook refills (mini 6-hole)

Please enjoy it with your notebook refill.

It is a material for the system notebook mini 6 holes.
Along with the notebook refill, I planned to have a cute page that can be used with Plus Alpha.
You can enjoy using it differently from the regular monthly calendar and weekly calendar.

★ Free download now! -------- Finished
Please use it by all means.
In the future, we are considering benefits if you follow Instagram.

★ Present by using "system notebook + refill set"

If you purchase "system notebook + refill set" now,
We will give you a "print + drill" of this "cover page"!
(Double-sided printing)---- Finished

* The following "system notebook + refill set" for gifts

* The gift is not printed, but printed by a printer.
See the above page for details.

★ The file can be downloaded, so please enjoy as many as you like.
(You can print it yourself at a convenience store or with a printer.)
Please share various ways of using it!

There are other download materials.

→ "Click here for download materials"

About net print

The downloaded material can be printed at home or used as a net print at each convenience store.
If you cannot print on both sides, it is convenient to use net print.

In either case, please print so that the print settings are " long side binding ".
If you like, you can print it in two sheets instead of double-sided printing.

You need to upload the downloaded file by either method (registration with LINE or registration with the app) and print it at a convenience store.

(* Printing costs are required and will be borne by the customer.
As of 2022.02: 120 yen is the mainstream for A4 size double-sided color printing. )

I actually printed it at each convenience store,
I found it convenient to use Seven-Eleven, which allows you to register on LINE without the need for a new app.
However, it was easy to register on the Lawson FamilyMart website.

How to print at the store
If you pay attention to "Nagabe binding", you can print like each store.
However, the situation of the printer differs depending on the store, and it may or may not be clean.

In the case of this "cover page", print with the following contents

(* Images are also posted for your reference)

  • "Full color A4 size" printed on both sides
  • "2 sheets 1 sheet" → "No"
  • "Double-sided" → "Long side binding" ... This is the point!
  • The same applies to other convenience stores.
  • If there is a check item, the size should be printed "as is"
  • Cut out the printed material along the outer line.
  • A "hole" is required when setting it in a personal organizer.
    It is convenient to have a punch dedicated to refilling.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about which punch to use.

Caution / confirmation items

  • Customers are responsible for the cost of printing.
  • In double-sided printing, the data is aligned, but it may be slightly out of alignment when printing.
  • If you have any questions about problems related to net printing, please contact each company's store.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles.

For details, I think that the following pages will be helpful, so I will describe them.


[Lawson Family Mart]

Share your use

Please share your usage.
→ For the sharing method, see the "Customer Voice Page"


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