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Pochi bag and chopstick bag download material

I have a sample image

This is a product for which you can download the data.
You can print it on your home printer, or
Convenience store print
+ "Stamp" to complete!
It becomes such a material.

It's a cute material that goes well with stamps.

I took an image using a pochi bag and a chopstick bag!

★The download data has also been completed.
After ordering, we will inform you of the downloadable URL by e-mail.

★Both are available in 6 colors and 2 different designs.
There are a total of 8 types of data!

"A4 size" 4 sheets each

The design is particular about rabbits

Rabbit stamps and notebooks are very popular, so the design is particular about rabbits!
2023 is the year of the rabbit.

One is a design that can be completed with a "stamp".
A cute original design inspired by a rabbit-shaped mizuhiki .

There are various colors, so in this sample, I tried using each color ink together.

Another thing is that you can use this even outside the beginning of the year,
I designed the character of Ekuryu no Mori .

If you print it out, you can easily cut and paste it into shape!
We hope you will enjoy it with your children.

Just cut along the lines!
Stick a small amount of glue on two places on the bag.

★Pochi bag: You can use it as a New Year's gift bag, or you can use it for everyday use.

★Chopstick bag: We hope that you will enjoy using it not only for New Year's Day, but also for birthdays and other occasions throughout the year.
For children's birthday parties and fun meals. I hope you will make use of it.

Present in progress!

If you use the full set of "Ekuryu no Mori Flower Festival Series", you will receive a gift!

Please use it with the stamp for other uses.

About netprint

Downloaded materials can be printed at home or printed online at convenience stores.

    Notes/confirmation items

    • You are responsible for the cost of printing.
    • If you have any questions about problems related to net printing, please contact each company or store.
    • Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles that may occur.

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    Prohibited matter

    This product is provided for personal use only.
    Not for commercial use.
    It is also prohibited to distribute the downloaded data to others.
    Please note that the following items are prohibited.

    1. Resale/diversion The following usages are prohibited. Usage that violates the prohibited items constitutes an infringement of our copyright.
    If you violate any of the following, we may charge you an amount equivalent to the total amount of damage suffered by our shop .
    Please contact us if you are unsure whether or not any of the following prohibited items apply.

    (1) Example of resale/diversion by incorporating it into a product) Incorporating the material into the product package design and selling the product.
    Incorporating materials into various application software and material software of companies and organizations operated by users and selling them.
    Selling items with labels, etc., made using the material.
    (2) Use or diversion as a product character) Use or diversion as a product character or service character of a company, organization or other company operated by the user.
    (3) Use or diversion as a symbol mark/image character Example) Use as a symbol mark of a company/organization operated by the user or of another company.
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    (6) Online sales/diversion example) Selling/diverting materials on the web/network.
    (7) Sales and diversion of products using materials Example) Sale and diversion of printed matter and paper products created using materials.

    Please share how you use it

    Please use the downloaded materials and make your own.
    Please share how you use it.
    →How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"

    Print size: A4



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