Emboss powder [Tsukineko]
Stamp Shiny glitter gold for Christmas cards and New Year's cards


Sprinkle embossing powder on areas stamped with ink or written with an embossing pen and heat it to create a raised, glossy surface, creating a luxurious image.
Recommended for stamps that look good on glitter, such as Christmas cards and New Year's cards.
Our store sells gold powder, so we recommend gold ink.

Embossed stamps that look great with sparkle and make them luxurious

Embossing powder that gives a slightly raised and glossy look.
Stamps that look good with glitter will become more luxurious and gorgeous.

Recommended for Christmas cards and New Year's cards.
You will end up with a piece that feels special.

What is embossing?

Add ink and stamp, sprinkle with embossing powder, and heat it to melt the powder and create a shine that makes the picture stand out.
The melted powder becomes water resistant.

*Although there is ink specifically for transparent embossing,
Our store sells gold powder, so if you have gold ink, you can use it.

Gold ink is on a separate page

Gold ink is sold on a separate page below.
*Use ink of the same color (or transparent) as the embossing powder for a beautiful finish.

→Gold also: Ink Pad [Tsukineko] Brilliance Dew Drop 4 Color Set Planetarium Metallic Color

What you need for embossing

Stamps, ink, paper such as cards, unnecessary paper, embossing heaters, thin brushes, etc.

*It seems that the embossed heater can also be used in a toaster oven, but we will introduce the case where an embossed heater is used.

Embossing steps

  • stamp with gold ink
  • Sprinkle powder before it dries.It is better to use a large amount of powder. *It is a good idea to prepare a piece of paper folded in half to brush off excess powder.
  • Once you have applied the powder evenly, shake off the excess powder onto a piece of paper folded in half.
  • Remove any powder that does not come off completely with a thin brush.
  • Open the bottle and pour out the excess powder.
  • Melt the powder with an embossing heater
  • Check how the picture rises as you complete it. *Please be careful not to heat it too much or it will not rise.

Video on how to use it on Instagram

I'm introducing it in a video on Instagram.

Along with the stamp

I would be happy if you could use it together with the stamps.
Nice to meet you.


Embossing on plain paper, coated paper, and vellum paper

Drying time

Heat until the powder melts (approximately 20 to 30 seconds using an embossed heater at the size of a 500 yen coin) *Varies depending on the amount of powder and the equipment used.


*Please be careful not to get burned when processing.
* Embossing on cloth is not possible.
*A hair dryer is not suitable as the temperature is low and the air volume is strong. Please use an embossed heater.

Regarding delivery

Since this item is thick, it will be shipped via Letter Pack Plus or courier.







  • スタンプの商用利用は不可とさせていただいておりますが、詳しくは→商用利用についてをご確認下さい。


  • スタンプは、インクが乾くまえに水を含ませたティッシュで簡単に拭き取って下さい。
  • 印面ゴムの劣化や木の日焼けを防ぐため、直射日光と高温多湿を避けて保管下さい。
  • 木目の柄や色は個体差があります。ご了承下さい。
  • 木の側面には当店ロゴの焼印を押しております。手作業になりますので、色が濃い目の場合・薄めの場合や、時により柄の一部が焼印されないようなこともございますのでご了承下さい。

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