strawberry season series
For storing "cookie tin" stamps
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Cookie tins made for the strawberry season series stamps

Strawberry season - La saison des fraises

Ekuryu no Mori This is the third stamp series.
The story of rabbits has just begun This is a lovely collection where two rabbits enjoy cute strawberries and sweets with their new companion wildcat.

The scene is a tea party in the forest. The rabbits are two people wearing clover crowns that appeared in the second flower festival series.

Treat yourself to strawberry flower hair ornaments and ride on top of wreaths and sweets for a lovely look.

About the cookie tin

This is a "cookie can" that matches the stamp "Strawberry season series". (Stamp not included)
→ You can choose a full set as an option at a very good price.

In addition to using the full set,
If you would like a can, please select it along with the stamp.

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with a stamp

The stamps in our store are stamps that you can enjoy combining.
In order to make it easier for you to choose as many stamps as possible, the set is much cheaper than the individual stamps.

Please choose a stamp together with "cookie tin".

The original cookie tin is a small square tin that is 12cm square.
Unlike sweets shops, we don't make hundreds of them, so it costs a lot.
However, this time's "Strawberry Season Series" is a stamp designed with sweets and cookies, so I really wanted to make a cookie tin.

We hope you have fun with the stamps.
Since the can is a can for cookies,
The inside is lined with white glassine paper and comes with a sleeve.
*Specifications are subject to change in the future.

In fact, I made samples with other patterns as well.
I was able to make it very cute, so if it is well received, I think it may be possible to sell another can.
I would be happy to hear from you again.

↓ I made a video on Instagram

Regarding delivery

This will be "Letter pack plus" or "courier service" due to thickness.

Strawberry season series stamp

The other day, I introduced a video of card making on Instagram!

Introducing the Strawberry Season Story

★The pattern of the cookie tin is the same as the stamp.


Why strawberries? I saw a lot of rabbits eating strawberries deliciously on Instagram.
What a cute combination, I planned this collection.

The fact that the strawberries are pink instead of red is one of the designer's particulars, but you can add any color you like.


Cute sweets motifs when combined with rabbits and cats

  • strawberry triangle shortcake
  • parfaits and macaroons
  • French traditional baked confectionery canelé
  • Cookies in the shape of hearts and rabbits
  • candy
  • Pudding
  • Coffee with fluffy cream

About cats

Wildcat has a recipe book. You like cooking.

Actually, have you never had a cat among your friends in Ekuryu Forest? I received multiple voices.
But there are no cats in the forest, as my sister, who lives in Normandy, France, said.
But after doing some research, I finally found a wildcat living in the forests of Europe!
Joining the group is realized like this!


The last thing I added was the egg Easter is close.
It has become a motif that can be played with quite a lot.

This time, it seems that the long-awaited rabbit with standing ears can also ride on the head.

The appeal of stamps and the commitment to design

★Even if you can't draw a picture, you can instantly get "cute" stamps! And it is attractive that it can be used repeatedly

★Illustrated by my sister who is a graphic designer, and the product planning and design by the shop owner who is a web designer.
Items carefully designed with a natural and gentle handwritten touch.

Please check the details of each stamp on each page.
→ Click here for the stamp list page

How to make is also introduced on Instagram

In the past, Instagram has introduced many videos on how to make cards.
Bottom center of our Instagram page
Ekuryu no Mori Official Instagram @ecruforest
Click the "movie icon" to see the video list.

Please share how you use it

Please share how you use it.
→How to share is on the "Customer's voice page"

Box (large) W18.5 H20 D2.8cm, clear box W23 H13 D2.8cm
Stamp: rubber, wood



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Customer Reviews

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stamp set

I've been looking forward to it ever since I heard that it would be commercialized.
I didn't expect to have so many stamps, but they are cute and I like them, so I chose a stamp set, 6 recommended ink options + 1 ink.

User picture

Thank you for your feedback!
Thank you very much for looking forward to it.
at last··! Thank you very much for your patience with the commercialization of.
I would be happy if you could enjoy various things.
I barely got 7 inks.
I think it's difficult to put it in like a puzzle ^^
Also, I would be happy if you could show me the stamps.

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