New stamps Hanamatsuri series

We have a new stamp!

Ekuryu Forest Flower Festival Series

Finally, I was able to make a new stamp.

The online shop opened in February 2022.

However, I had been preparing for the first stamp since the summer long before that, so when I checked it, it had been more than a year since I made the first stamp.

We have planned a new stamp for the first time in over a year!

A special fair will be held on Instagram for 2 days only!

To commemorate the debut of two rabbits!
A debut only happens once
It is a valuable opportunity that you can use at a great price.
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The first stamp is "in the forest"

The first stamp is
Even now, various people choose it every day, and I am very happy that I was able to create a long-lasting product.

I've been doing various online shops so far, but I've never had a single product that can be chosen by so many new people for a long time.
That's what makes me really happy.

That's why I wanted to make another wonderful stamp <br>So I finally made it this time.

The first stamp was a natural and cute stamp, mainly featuring forest animals.
If I had to name it, it would be something like "Forest Series".

The second is the "Flower Festival Series"

For this second installment, there were a lot of motifs I wanted to include, and as a result of cramming this and that into it, it ended up being an insanely large number...!

I was wondering what to do because it was a huge number to make a set, but since it was something I thought about, I decided to sell it all together.

So, of course, I am very happy that you can choose the full set, but I think it would be nice if you could collect it little by little, even from a small set.

In the "Hana Matsuri Series", I was able to include multiple "flowers" that I had been longing for.
I like flowers, but for some reason I couldn't put them in the first stamp, so I definitely want to put them in this time.

"Bluebell" is
Stage of the Ekuryu Forest These flowers grow in colonies in the forests of France.

↓ This is a photo of a real French forest.

During the bluebell season, the forest becomes very fragrant.

Such a flower bluebell, and cute lilies of the valley and daisies.
Each flower stamp has a very impressive design, so it will be a picture.
It is also a nice stamp to add to message cards and letters.

I would like you to add "French stamps" here as well. It suits you very well!

French stamps

Along with the "Hanamatsuri series" stamps, we also released "French stamps".

It is a stamp that I think is especially good for making postcards and cards.
It's so nice to be with animals!

A lot of sample images are posted, so I hope you can refer to them.

Until now, there were only stamps with pictures, so when letters are entered, a good atmosphere appears again.
It's like it's going to be like, or it's going to be tightened.

Good for various cards

Drop Ear-chan Appears!

And here, after all, among the animals this time, "Lop-eared rabbit!"

So far, there's no drooping ear-chan? I've been told that many times, so I was able to put it in this time.
This was quite a difficult journey, but...!
I'm glad I managed to become a cute girl.

The first image I had was that it would be cute to have a balloon, so this is the combination that is the most important point this time.

Therefore, a small set or
It is here that we also make sets with ink.

I thought it would be fun to start with this set with ink even for beginners of stamps, so I planned this product.

★On Instagram, you can also see a conversation between two rabbits in a cartoon style! Don't miss it !
Please enjoy their conversation 🐰💕

🍀 Instagram 🍀

Here is a set where you can enjoy the combination of rabbits and balloons.

Since it is a small box, the ink will be 2 points,
Combined with French stamps, so that you can enjoy it cutely.

I put together a set with the image of making postcards, so I hope you can make that too.

This is a completed image using almost all of the full set of stamps.
Some stamps are not used.

The rabbit and balloon set has fewer types than this one, so the finish will be a little different, but please have a look.

stamp samples and ink

This time, as much as I could, I made a lot of sample stamps and shot them in various combinations.

In fact, I've been redoing them many times!
It's very difficult to apply all the stamps neatly and without mistakes! !

When I use so many types, I'm really full of mistakes.
Sometimes I couldn't clean it no matter how many times I tried.
But it's the fun of stamps that makes you crazy ^^

For the ink, this time I used large square ink from "Stays on Midi" for all the outlines.
More delicate and beautiful.

About Spongebob Dauber

And I colored it with "Sponge Dauber".
At that time, I use "Versa Magic Dewdrop" ink, which is a small droplet.

On Instagram, we also show you how to make colored postcards using sponge dauber.
Please refer to it.
We also introduce how to make a New Year's card using a 3-color ballpoint pen and a sponge dauber.

"Sponge Dauber", I would like everyone to use it this time, so I decided to stock it in a hurry.
So by all means, I would be happy if you could choose it together with the stamp.

I think that I will use it at our store when stamping from now on.
Please try it.

"Click here for Sponge Dauber"

We hope you will enjoy your stamp time again with the new "Hana Matsuri Series" stamps.

It's a stamp that has just been made, so I'm still thinking about having fun with stamps myself, so let's have fun together.

Please share it in your reviews and Instagram!

Pochi bags and chopstick bags too!

This time, we will also sell downloadable materials for pouch bags and chopstick bags.
just now··! I've finally made it!

So I'll take another picture and show you.
It's finished cute.
I made a lot of colors and different types, so I will make data that can be enjoyed other than New Year's gifts and New Year's.

looking forward to.

💕🐰 Thank you for your new stamps 🐰💕
🐰 Items I introduced this time 🐰
" Recommendation of the month "
You can see it at
Ekuryu Forest Flower Festival Series
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