Branded on a rabbit stamp!

You can sell stamps like this

The video introduces how the logo is branded on the stamps to be sold.

It's a short movie, so

If you can see it, I think you don't need to explain anymore ^^

Here is a video of the logo being "branded" when selling stamps.

A branding iron is a mark that is made by applying heat to brown the rootstock of the stamp.

I thought I'd like to put a logo mark,
I considered several methods, but in the end, I made it a branding iron.

I really can't go wrong with this...!

Since the stamp is metal,
Unexpectedly difficult to push into the tree.

If I make a mistake, the pattern will be chipped and I want to avoid that, so I brand it firmly.

Even if it's a little burnt, it's better than missing it!
That's what it feels like.

It's a mess, so this is also handmade goodness
I would appreciate it if you could feel it ^ ^

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