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Rabbit, Bird and Squirrel


[Refill: Weekly Calendar] "Refill" that matches the cute schedule book

"Refill" with the same design as the cover of the notebook.
Cute rabbits, birds, squirrels, and hedgehogs are animals of the Ekuriyu forest.

★ This is the sales page of "Weekly calendar only for the contents of the notebook".

Weekly calendar

You can write a weekly schedule.
As with the monthly calendar, there are two colors, brown and pink.

Please use the matching "seals and stamps" together.

The following contents are a set

Two types (two colors) are included in half.

"Mini 6 holes" size

  • "Weekly Weekly Calendar"
    : 34 sheets in total for 15 months

    Beautiful printing is done on both sides.
    It's not a printer print, it's a beautiful print.
    The paper is slightly thicker than copy paper and is less likely to show through.

    Since it is a fill-in type that can be used for a long time
    You can start anytime.

    All are full-color printing on both sides.
    There are two colors for each.

    The size is "mini 6 holes"

    The "mini 6 hole" is a small size notebook refill that is easy to carry in a bag.

    Matching "system notebook" and "seal stamp"

    → [Click here for a list of notebook accessories and stationery]

    → [Click here for a list of stamps]

    Share your use

    Please share your usage.
    → For the sharing method, see the "Customer Voice Page"

    W: 80 mm H: 128 mm



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