A5 notebook cover (notebook cover) reservation acceptance and new products

A5 notebook cover (note book cover) Sold at the reservation reception desk

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The "A5 size" notebook cover can also be used as a notebook or book cover.

It is sold at the reservation reception desk here.
Please see the product page for details

→ [A5 notebook cover]


I actually made a sample a long time ago.
I wondered what I should do... and the days passed by while worrying about various things...!
Finally, I was able to publish the product page.

It's a very solid cover and it's quite this size, isn't there something cute?
Because you think
If you have any hope, I wish I could make it and upload it.
How much would you like? Because I can't read anything,
We made a reservation sale.


It's a size that can be used for "Hobonichi Techo Cousin Size" and "MD Notebook", so I think many people are probably using it.
Other than that, it can be used for covers such as A5 size notebooks and diaries.

In fact, the notebook type schedule book I use to write my work schedule is still this size.
It's a good size, so it's easy to use to write a lot of things.
When I changed the cheap transparent notebook cover to this cover, it became a very high-class notebook ^ ^!

As a notebook that you want to write firmly and leave,
Many people use Hobonichi Techo Cousin Size.
The notebook itself is very thick because there is a sense of volume for each day.
So with this cover on, it looks like a thick, high-class book!
It feels so good.

The MD notebook is also the same A5 size,
This is something completely different, a simple notebook inside.
The one I have is the dot grid type.
With the bullet journal technique,
It is a notebook that allows you to create your own notebook from scratch.
You can simply use it as a notebook, scrap the memories you want to keep, or decorate it with stamps, masking tape, or stickers if you like.


In addition, in notebooks and diaries where important things are written,
A cute cover would be nice too.

There is a sense of quality just by attaching it!

All in all, it's a very sturdy cover.
It is an image that a cheap notebook becomes a high-class notebook at once ^ ^


The cover material is made of synthetic leather similar to the system notebook mini 6-hole size, and the surface is made of synthetic leather with a slightly soft impression.

The front and back covers have a solid core inside the material.
That's why it's so solid even without putting anything in it.
The ivory background color is not pure white, but a very nice color.
Illustrations of animals such as rabbits with a natural feeling are gently soothing.

The illustrations are the same as the mini 6-hole size system notebook, so it will be a fulfilling experience to use them together.

Because the sizing is completely different.
Because the A5 size is much larger than that.
The mini 6-hole size is small and easy to take outside.
A5 size is an image that you can enjoy your notebook time slowly at home.


It can be used as a cover for a notebook where you can write down important things you want to keep at home, or as a notebook where you can keep track of your child's growth.

*After this time, it is undecided whether to sell it or not, but it may be sold as-is, or it may not be sold at all.

When it comes to reproduction, there are various other costs, so I don't know if I can accept it, so if you want it, please use this time.


For notebooks and notebooks of "A5" size,
There is a space where you can relax and enjoy the "schedule stamp", so I think it would be nice to use it together with the cover.

The product page also has an image image using the stamp, so please refer to it.


The Hobonichi Techo Cousin or MD Notebook is the one with the schedule stamps on various pages.

And new products too!

Since opening the shop...!
I couldn't come up with any new products, and since it's finally this time, there's something I've uploaded together.

One-stroke paper is cute even when folded

One-stroke paper can be cute not only as a mini letter, but also as a decorative material for notebooks and notebooks.

→[ Click here for one-stroke paper ]


There are 3 cute colors inside and outside of the image of the forest of Ekuryu no Mori.
The design is cute even when folded in half in pink, light blue, and purple.
Double-sided full color printing.

Recently, this is a mini letter that I always use when delivering products.
If you don't mind, please use it.

Round cute animal stickers too!

Previously, there was only the pink color of rabbits, but this time, other animals are also cute colors.

Our special sticker (large) is also included in the set 🐰💕

→[ Click here for animal stickers ]



I made a one-stroke notepad and stickers a long time ago...
I can't quite introduce it as a product...
It's finally here!

We hope that you will enjoy the stamps and notebooks we have created so far.

Pre-order sales and new products
Thank you very much 🐰💕


🐰 Items I introduced this time 🐰

You can see it in " Specials of the Month ".

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