Now *Setting up a free shipping deal!

Now, the following products
It is "free shipping".
Overseas shipping (Asia, America, Europe, etc.)

↓ The following sets of stamps are originally free shipping ^ ^
" [Stamp set 12 points] Schedule stamp 3 points + Animal stamp 9 points "

Stamp set system notebook other than full set,
Basically domestic: Scheduled to be shipped by "click post".

As mentioned on the page,
The products you use together
If it can be bundled with a click post,
It will be free of charge.
(* It will be corrected after ordering)

I think that most products can be bundled.

For the "12-piece stamp set",
If it is in a box, it is difficult to click post due to the thickness.
It will be Letter Pack Plus or courier service.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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